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It must be ensured that all the ideas and opinions that are taken from sources other than your views must be acknowledged with citations. Firstly, acknowledgment shows the level of respect for an author. And secondly, it helps to improve the delivery as more and more arguments and justifications could be provided.

The IEEE citation is used globally and is considered to be an effective type of referencing. It requires you to add on [X] (references number within square brackets) instead of presenting the name of the author and date. At last, the reference list is developed with the [X] placed with respective references placed throughout the references.

It is a good question that comes to my mind related to identifying the difference between any other referencing style and IEEE citation. The explanation about the possible ways to provide in-text citation and the reference list is discussed to raise personal awareness and also for the audience.

In-text Citation

For the ideas that are highlighted in the body of the writing helps to display the acknowledgment of the original essay writer with the help of “[X]” where X is a representation of respective numbers starting from 1. The numbering represents the respective or appropriate source provided in the reference list (at the end of the document) with full details of the source. The value of in-text reference follows an ascending order. In case you are required to provide an in-text citation of the same resource then the number can be copied and can be presented as an in-text citation at any other instance. The numbers enclosed in the square brackets are to be presented on the text line with a space between the bracket and the words.


Globalization has resulted in increasing the level of inequality of wealth [1]. There is also no requirement to state or present a discussion like “in the reference [1]”.

It is also an important aspect that the in-text citation using IEEE must be grammatically used and presented like “Author name [3], OR “Author et al. [7].” The “et al” in case of more than four references as per the IEEE citation is presented as “et al.” which helps to differentiate the presentation from the Harvard referencing style.

It is also known as the effective way of justifying an author is by mentioning the name of the author and adding the numerical value of the reference enclosed in the square bracket “Jonas [3] explains that.”

An in-depth understanding of the concept is derived from the analysis of [1], [3], and [4]. In case there are more than 2 authors for a given source than as per the IEEE citation and referencing style there is a need to add et al. and can be presented as Jonas et al. [7] help to determine.

The Reference List

The IEEE requires a numbered list to be presented at the end of the document. It is also required that all the in-text references are to be included in the reference list as it can disturb the overall numbering and presentation of the references (both the in-text as well as the reference list).

The order of the sources within the reference list must be consistent with the numbering provided in the body paragraphs as [1] should be followed by [2] as in the in-text citations. It is also to be noticed that the smallest number should be placed at the beginning and the biggest value at the end of the reference list. Finally, it can also be stated that there is no specific need to follow the alphabetical order for the references but only the numerical order (ascending order i.e. from 1) should be followed.

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