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We all know the dread of submitting an assignment or essay that is due in a day or two and haven’t written a word of it. That essay might cost you your entire semester and you’re desperately looking for some help. Luckily during this day and age, that help is very easy to come by.

A quick Google search would show you a ton of results that can be of your help. But there are a couple of caveats here that you have to keep in your mind before selecting any of these websites. Although there are a number of legit sites that offer a genuine essay writer free online to assist you in your writing, yet the last thing that you want to do is to be a victim of a scam and lose a hefty amount of money on a paper that was not up to your standard in the first place and belonged straight to the bin.

A professional and trustworthy source is the one that can pull you out of this nightmare and would be the answer to your woes. If you are looking for trustworthy academic writing help, here are some of the things that you have to look for and the ones that you have to avoid:

The Ones Claiming to Be an Essay Writer for Free Online

You might have heard the age-old proverb “There ain't no such thing as a free lunch”. If ever you find a website that claims to be your savior in difficult times and offer their services for free or at a rate that does not justify the effort that would be required to write your paper, that should be the first red flag to look for.

Avoid that website/service like a plague.

Fishy Website Design

The competition to come up on the top for the keyword “academic/essay writing service” is immense and there are thousands of the competitors trying to claim that top spots. You will come across a lot of websites that are either poorly designed with little to no contact information and with a non-responsive UI or so gaudy in design that confuses the visitors. The fake pictures should also be a dead giveaway that something fishy is about the website.

The ideal design should be minimalist with contact information easily displayed in the header and can be easily navigated. The pages should open properly and the information that you require is available at all times.

100% Perfect Reviews or No Reviews at All

Let’s be real, no human is perfect, and we all make mistakes. There is no business in the world that has not seen one of those complaining customers that leave negative reviews online. If the service is great, those negative reviews are overshadowed by the overwhelming number of positive reviews.

However, if you see a website that has numerous reviews and all seem to be of in awe of that particular essay writing service, the overzealous tone of the review should give you a hint that these might be fake reviews and the user should proceed with caution

On the contrary, if the website has no reviews at all, that should be a no-brainer to avoid that website.

What Professional Services Look Like

Using the aforementioned information, you might now have an idea about which websites are to be avoided and which are the ones that you should go for. A professional essay writing service would have the following features:

  1. You would be able to choose the writer of your own choice
  2. The communication would be transparent, and you would have control over how your essay should be written
  3. The writer assigned to your project would ask for as much information as he can to come up with the best paper, he/she could
  4. The essay/paper would speak of itself and would be free from any plagiarism or grammatical errors.
  5. Your request to edit the paper would be entertained without any questions

This sums up all the information that you must look for while searching for a professional writer online. This guide is not absolute but covers the basics so that you should not fall victim to any of the online scams.

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