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Persuasive essay writing seems like a lawyer arguing for their case in front of a judge in court. Many students are confused about deciding where to stand on an issue; either “FOR” or “AGAINST” to make a strong case so that they could convince the reader. Similarly, winning over the readers is one of the main motives of persuasive or argumentative essays. Most of the students suffered in writing the persuasive essay because of the following reasons.

· No research on the topic

Writing a persuasive essay required a lot of research on both the point of view. The more an essay writer research on the topic the more clearly and strongly you can put your point of view

· Unawareness of the reader’s biases

Students have to understand the essay and have to need to develop a sense of how the reader can react to this. Students required a solid understanding of the issue from both sides.

Students need not only rationalize their viewpoint but also convince the audience as to why the opposing rationale on the subject is incorrect. This is what makes a perfect persuasive essay.

Prior to starting a persuasive essay, students need to develop an outline that should provide the reader with a blueprint of their essay.

Additionally, I’d suggest students must get their persuasive essay outline approved before they start working on the final draft.

In fact, after you are done reading this article, you yourself will be able to investigate in your outline.

So, let’s start with the steps of persuasive essay writing.

4 Steps of Persuasive Essay Writing

The major five steps of persuasive writing will definitely guide the student in their writing.

  • Pre-Planning of Persuasive essay - Pre Planning is an extremely important step in writing a sword wing persuasive essay. In this, you have to plan everything about your topic which are as following
  • Position - Students have to research the topic well and should decide the side they wish to advocate in writing their essays.
  • Understanding the audience- For a good persuasive essay, students must understand their audience and readers’ perspective like where they would favor, are they inclined towards one side.
  • Research work- A perfect persuasive essay depends on solid evidence and convincing. Perfect research will never rely on a single source. Dig out the information from various sources and speak with the relevant sources and faculty members.
  • Identifying the evidence- Now the student has to identify all the evidence according to their point and convincing power. Which evidence is more powerful to use to make a strong point of view?

How should you prepare an outline for your persuasive essay?

Outline preparation includes various steps like

· Introductory Paragraph:

This is the introduction of your work with the reader. While writing, this gives a synopsis of your argument. Close the essay with the statement that shows the position of arguing. In case you need help in writing your introduction, get help from an essay writing service now.

· Body Paragraph:

The essay body should be well written and focused on every piece of evidence that supports your side with sufficient details.

· Drafting the Persuasive Essay:

Drafting your persuasive essay is also an art which students have to learn as this is the main center of attraction or a deciding factor for your persuasive essay. Students have to focus on these points while drafting their persuasive essays.

  • The first paragraph – introduction – of your essay must have a strong and convincing statement that catches the readers’ interest and build their interest
  • Your statement should leave no doubt in the reader's mind about the writer’s position
  • Every sentence on the body should be justified by the strong evidence.
  • Define the background information. It is wrong to assume that the audience already has an in-depth understanding of the subject.
  • Include using analogy, drawing, hypothetical situations, different ways of making arguments.

· Revision, editing, and conclusion of your work

After writing all this revision is important to review, modify, or reorganize your work. Make necessary amendments, if any needed. Make sure your outline presents a strong position on the issue. Include all the important facts, statistics, and quotes with examples. Finally, make sure your concluding paragraph conveys the value of your position.

Remember! Your outline shouldn’t be a caricature of your essay, there must be no grey areas in your outline. It should be concise, and to the point.

However, before you write a final draft of your essay, you must get your outline approved by a professional write my paper service. And for that matter, you can contact online essay writing services.

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Good Luck!

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