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Writing an essay is an important part of your academic career. Your essay is not just a collection of ideas rather it is more than that where you have to present your knowledge to the reader. A narrative essay is just one type of essay where you have to narrate a situation in a precise manner.

You cannot overlap your ideas as it would lack the coherence from your essay. Creating a narrative essay outline would help an essay writer decide the direction of his essay and how many areas or aspects you would cover in his essay.

You can write it in the form of pointers or proper sentences whichever covers your ideas effectively. Most of the time it is not necessary to get your outline from a professor but if you do it would save you from the hassle. Getting it to proofread and fixed by a professional proofreader or writer is also with it because once your outline is approved, then you do not have to worry about direction or content. A professional essay writing service would guide you about the missing points from the outline.

Significance of outline

Consider your outline the most important part of your essay if it is correct you do not have to worry about your essay. The outline would give you a basic idea of how your essay would look. The changes in outline mean you are changing your essay. If you have doubts about it do ask your professor to add or remove some points.

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Follow proper format

Do not throw random ideas in your outline instead follow a designated format and divide your outline into introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion would only compose of one paragraph each while the body would be based on multiple paragraphs.

· Introduction: It is the first paragraph of your essay where you would briefly highlight the main points mentioned in the essay. You can also discuss your essay topic generally in the introduction so that the reader has a basic idea about it. Make sure that in both cases it ends on a specific point usually known as a thesis statement.

· Body: It is the main part of your essay where you would mention all important points or arguments. Make sure to use transition statements between the paragraphs; it would give proper meaning to your essay.

· Conclusion: It is the last paragraph of your essay that reinstates your thesis statement. Summarize all previously mentioned arguments precisely and state your main position. Make sure to convey your ideas with clarity so that readers do not get confused.


It is the last heading of your outline, in the essay you have to mention all the sources from where you have collected your data. Make sure to follow only one method of citation. Do not mix methods of two different citation styles like MLA and APA. If you are following MLA then stick with it and cite all sources within this citation. In case you need to cite your sources, ask others to write my essay for me.

Things to avoid

If your outline is not up to mark it would mean that your professor would ask you to write it again. It can become a challenging task too if not done correctly so make sure you follow all the above-mentioned details.

Explore other options

The aforementioned details show that it can be tough for you to write an outline by yourself. Trust me it seems simple but do not risk it. Hire a professional academic essay writing service. It would save your time by providing you an outstanding outline within your deadline. If you have already written your outline just ask a professional essay writer to have a look because sometimes they also offer free outlines and revisions. So I would suggest you go for it and save your time and energy.

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