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The outline must be part of your essay because some people can make an outline in their heads. It helps organize your thoughts, keep to a logical progression, and organize like things together.

It is always essential to start with an understanding of what each paragraph will be about. Your first paragraph must be an introduction and your last paragraph must be the conclusion. Between these two are your body paragraphs.

Some teachers will give you the required number of body paragraphs. Others will give you a required number of pages that you must fill, and you simply have to write enough paragraphs to fill that amount of pages (for example, if your essay is meant to be three pages long then I recommend three body paragraphs). Each body paragraph should have a purpose, so right away you should decide what each is about.

This article is all about the expository essay outline and its structuring. Following instructions will give an essay writer a clear idea of how the outline should look like.

Outline for an expository essay

  1. 1. Introduction

    Within the Introduction, there are three essential areas. First is the attention grabber, second is the transition, and the third is the thesis. Students used to like writing out their entire introduction while making an outline, but over time the deadlines became too quick, and instead, they would simply write out their thesis and occasionally the attention grabber.

    I must say that under no circumstances should you skip writing the thesis during your outline, even if you skip the rest of the introduction. It is essential since it explains the main idea of the essay. It should always be included in your outline and should be one of the first things written, if not the first.

    If you still need help with writing your introduction, get help from a write my paper service.

  2. 2. Body paragraphs

    Body paragraphs should always begin with a topic sentence that connects back to the thesis while also explaining what this specific paragraph is about.

    I prefer you to write your topic sentence in your outline, though you will often edit or entirely replace these while writing the rough draft. After the topic sentence, you should include a few brief sub-points within your paragraph that you plan to include in order to support and explain your topic sentence.

    The paragraph should also have a sentence to wrap it up, but you can leave this alone until writing the rough draft. Repeat this process for each body paragraph.

  3. 3. Conclusion

    The conclusion should begin with a sentence mirroring your thesis, but with the difference. It displays the evidence presented throughout your essay so that it more completely wraps up the essay.

    I’d suggest you write this while outlining as well. The conclusion should then have a thesis, leading into one final sentence which wraps up the entire essay.

    My suggestion is that you should leave the final wrap-up sentence alone until the rough draft, especially if you skip the attention grabber in the outline. To write a perfect conclusion, you can ask others to write my essay for me.

This is a very basic and minimalist way to create an essay outline. But strict deadlines often make it impossible for anyone to make an essay’s outline as detailed as possible. In my experience, writing an outline with this much information creates a functional layout that gives all the necessary details without putting so much time into it that you waste your time.

It saves time in the long run. Perhaps less time than before we had computers and can easily cut and paste. But an outline forces you to think things through. How can you back up what you are saying? What facts or references can I introduce and where? What are the implications of this or that point pro or con, etc? Outlines are even used by some in fiction, especially genre fiction.

Additionally, you can ask any professional essay writer available at an online essay writing service to guide you through outlining your expository essay. In fact, you can also get your check by the same essay writer before you start writing a final draft.

I hope it helps.

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