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For an average student, writing a perfect essay could be very challenging and becomes more difficult if the time is too short. Besides, many students find it difficult to manage because they usually work after school or college to pay for their expensive education. In short, there are a lot of reasons for which they opt for essay writing services. Such websites connect them with a professional writer who either helps the students by answering their basic questions about essay writing or craft a perfect essay within the required deadline.

A lot of people out there, especially the professors, do not favor the idea of writing services. But recently, Huffington Post reported that laziness of students is not the cause due to which students approach the online writing websites but the extensive pressure, exorbitant expectations and excessive demands with tight deadlines are the real causes for which students seek help from online writing services.

To be honest, if you are among the students who do not know the ifs and buts about essay writing and still want to meet the expectations and demands of your teachers, hiring a free essay writer is the best option for you. Online market, nowadays, is crowded with websites that offer a custom essay writing service on almost every topic whether it is of high school level, college level, masters, or PhD. All you need to do is stroke some keys on your keyboard and locate a reliable website that will handle your task professionally.

By the way, nothing seems better than a free treat, right? You can find various writing services that will connect you to an essay writer for free who would offer the fundamental and most important components: outlining, referencing, and proofreading, without paying a dime. Yes! you got me right. Losing this opportunity would be nothing more than losing a free trip to Disneyland!

But please! Don’t rush! Finding a genuine service to process your write my essay request is not that easy as you think. You have to check certain things before placing your order at any online writing service. A best essay writing service would offer almost everything including writing an original essay from scratch, proofreading and editing, using reliable sources, and formatting as per client’s instructions. Many students who opt for an online writing service, still write most of the parts of their essays themselves. But they might need some help too

Let’s have a look at services offered by top essay writing websites.

  • Provide help with thesis
  • Provide research assistance
  • Editing and proofreading you finished essay
  • Writing a particular part of your essay if you’re stuck at some point
  • Writing the entire essay for you if you are not able to do it
  • Ensure the proper usage of citations, references, and formatting

As it was mentioned earlier, most of the writing companies are not genuine and professional. All they do is have a fast buck, while the students are left with nothing but disappointment when their essay turns out to be plagiarized and terribly written.

Now let’s have a look at some of the common and widely faced problems regarding online writing companies.

  • The delivered content isn’t original but plagiarized
  • Their customer service is very poor
  • They don’t connect the client with the writer
  • The status of the order placed by the client is uncertain (most of the times)

The thing that matters the most is your selection. You need to have sound knowledge selecting a reputable and best writing service because it is your paper, and only you can make it worthwhile. You will not make a bad choice if you are perfectly aware of the criteria that you need to watch for.

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