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Nowadays, classroom teaching in schools and colleges is not only the way through which students are taught about different course-related things and skills. Educational professionals have developed numerous different sources through which they teach their students different course-related concepts and specifically soft and hard skills. These involve competitions, debates, games, seminars, etc.

Similarly, essay writing competitions are arranged in schools and colleges to specifically enhance the writing skills of students. Because generally when students are assigned some assignment of writing an essay they get it done by any essay or paper writing service. These competitions help them learn about writing outstanding essays. No matter what type of essay it is.

In essay writing competitions, students usually have to write essays. These essays can be of several types such as persuasive, rhetorical, argumentative and cause and effect essays, etc.

Students should know about each of them and what makes them different from one another. A cause and effect essay is an essay that describes the basic possible causes and effects of an event or a situation and what related them together.

It is common in human nature that he/she wants to know about an event or situation, why it happened, and what made it happen. However, it depends on the topic, sometimes it's very easy for the writer to highlight possible causes and effects and show their relationship.

But in some cases, it is not that easy to define the relationship between the two. Therefore, mostly for students, it is always suggested to choose the topic of your essay with great care and attention.

Students often select random topics for writing essays. But when it comes to writing then they are searching for a free essay writing service to help them write their essay. Always select a topic of your interest and the one you think you know about or about which you have sufficient knowledge.

But when it comes to writing a cause and effect essay, then it is not just about selecting a simple topic.

An essay writer should firstly try to select a creative topic for his/her cause-and-effect essay writing competition.

Even if he/she is not able to select a topic from the available ones it is not an issue. he/she can select a simple topic and add his/her creativity into it to make it more attractive for the readers. You can make your cause and effect essay a bit funny if you think it is required to attract and grab your audience’s attention.

You can add creativity to your topic by connecting interesting or attention-seeking things with your main topic.

For example, if the topic is energy consumption in industries, you can make it creative and attractive by attracting readers’ attention from the drastic effect caused by the industry’s energy consumption on the atmosphere. An experienced essay writer can help you with coming up with such examples.

Creative topics for cause and effect essay competition

Some creative and attractive topics for cause and effect essays for your college competition are mentioned below:

  1. Why do college students don’t like writing essays?
  2. Why do wives hate their husband’s interaction with other females?
  3. How can a student develop his/her abilities and skills to become an A-level student?
  4. Why do athletes take energy drinks?
  5. How does the use of nutrition strengthen the human body?
  6. Which system among the online education system and traditional education do you think is good for students' performance?
  7. Describe the role of technology in the vast spread of education all around the world.
  8. Why is the rate of suicide attempts in adolescents increasing day by day?
  9. How to cope with the drastic effects of caffeine?
  10. Are psychological issues the only reason behind suicidal attempts?

These were some of the topics that can be chosen for a cause-and-effect essay writing competition. However, they can add their creativity to make the topic more attractive keeping in mind the interest of his/her audience. For more help, get in touch with a ‘write my essay for me’ service and see how they could help you.

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