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You'll certainly come across the task of formatting your academic assignments in MLA writing format as it is the most popular and commonly used format in academics. No matter what subject you're majoring in, your teacher will probably ask you to use this format. That does not mean that this format is limited to academia only. It is used in business writing and professional documents on the subject of history and arts as well.

If you’re intrigued to learn the basics of this format then spare some time to read through this guide. The paper written in MLA style needs to present and format content in a certain way. Just like cricket is played in a certain way, and different dishes are prepared in a certain way, similarly, the essay writer follows certain guidelines to write a paper in MLA format. Let’s jump right into those guidelines.

Basic Guidelines for Essays in MLA formatting Style

In essays, each element such as title page, content, headings, in-text citations, list of references, and other formatting specifications are given special attention. A little mistake in them could change the entire formatting style and you’ll lose grades.

1. Typography in MLA

Use clear text and a suitable text size such as 11 or 12. Suggested text styles are Times New Roman and Calibri font. Do not use text that is not readable for the readers.

2. Page Formatting

  • Leave a one-inch margin on all four sides.
  • Keep the text double spaced throughout.
  • The first line of each paragraph is indented by almost half an inch.
  • Keep the text left-aligned. Justifying the text is allowed too but it is not preferred mostly.
  • Block formatting is used for quotes greater than four lines. Quotes less than or equal to four lines are adjusted within the paragraph in quotation marks.

3. Title Page

A separate title page is not needed in MLA unless your teacher specifically asked you to include one. In this format, you add the following headings in the first and start writing your essay below that:

  • Name
  • Instructor’s Name

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  • Course
  • Date

All of these above items are written on the flush left of the page and you enter your essay's title in the next line which is centered. Start writing the essay on the same page after the title. Keep the first line indented.

Heading’s Format in MLA

You can use up to three levels of headings in MLA. The title of the Essay is considered as the first level heading and is always centered. They are bold but not italicized. Write the first alphabet of each word in the title in caps.

Level two heading is flush left and in either bold or italicized. While level three heading is italicized while being at flush left. Do not bold this level of heading as well.

I know all of this could be a little too much for you to digest. We can not expect you to learn these things all at once. Do you know that to make things easier for you, many online paper writing service providers now provide free formatting of essays? You can always help to format your essays too.

Citation Format in MLA

In MLA, the reference list is titled "work cited". The general format followed for writing citation of sources in this format is as follows:

Last name of the author, author's first name, "Source Title." "Title of Journal", Name of publisher, publication date.

Hopefully, the above guideline will be helpful for you whenever you'll have to write a paper in MLA again. For more help, ask someone to write essay for me.

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