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In all educational levels, the most common academic work that is assigned to students by their instructors is writing essays. In my opinion, as compared to any other academic task, the easiest one is writing an essay, but only if you know how to write an essay. In essay writing, the most tricky job is to find a topic because often the instructor leaves this job on the students.

In one way it's good because you get the chance to work on the topic that you are more interested in. But it is advantageous as well as you have to brainstorm a lot. Once you get done with finding the topic, writing an essay becomes a lot easier.

To begin an essay, an essay writer just needs to have an outline in mind or on rough paper. Your outline will direct you in your essay. In case you are not aware of the standard outline of the essay, you can take help from online writing services. By reviewing the sample essays, you will get an idea of how to write a perfect essay. Along with the sample, the professional writers also offer you to do your work. When I was in college, I hired a writer to write my essay for me since I was busy with other assignments.

For your convenience, I have mentioned below the fundamental rules of writing an essay. Now you just need to read these rules carefully to begin your essay.

Follow the outline.

The most important and crucial aspect of essay writing is an outline. For writing a convincing essay, you are required to follow the basic structure of an essay. You should begin your paragraph by writing an introductory paragraph in which you will first discuss the background knowledge of your topic followed by the information regarding the gap that you will fill with your research.

After writing the information related to that topic, you will end your introductory paragraph by stating your claim. Your claim, position, or stance on the topic will be regarded as the thesis statement. A thesis statement is difficult to write for most of the students because you have to summarize the main idea of the essay in just one line. If you find it difficult too, you can always approach online essay writing service providers who will provide you with quality work.

The next step in your outline will be the body paragraphs of your essay. Your essay should contain at least four to five paragraphs that will contain the supporting evidence to prove your claim. However, the length and number of paragraphs can vary depending upon the nature of the essay e.g., argumentative essays are usually lengthier than informative because they require counterarguments as well.

Your body paragraph will be then followed by a concluding paragraph in which you will summarize all the main points of your essay. Besides this, you can give your recommendation or suggestions as well.

Use academic language.

Since essay writing is an academic task, you must strictly follow the academic language and refrain from using any kind of informal term. Moreover, your sentences should follow academic standards. It means the sentences should neither be too long or too short in fact they should be a blend of both. While writing the essay, use simple language as complex terms can lose your readers’ attention.

Use appropriate formatting style.

In academic writing, one of the most important rules is to cite the sources that you have used in your paper. For this purpose, you first have to first confirm from your instructor which formatting style you are supposed to use. Because there are numerous formatting guidelines available to be used in an academic paper such as APA, Chicago, MLA, etc. No matter which formatting you are instructed to use, just make sure that you are following the correct guidelines for the in-text and bibliography section. You can also consult the paper writing service writers for your academic assignment.

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