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Among all the categories of essays, the easiest and simplest one is a descriptive essay. In this type of essay, you have to provide the sensory description regarding the topic that you have selected. While writing the descriptive essay, keep in mind that you are supposed to engage all the human senses. Before providing sensory details, you must provide a complete description of the topic.

The best technique to write a well-organized descriptive essay is to create an outline. The typical outline of a descriptive essay contains five paragraphs, among which one is an introductory paragraph, three are body paragraphs and the last one is a concluding paragraph. Even though a descriptive essay is easy to write, in case you need a sample paper, you can approach any essay writing provider.

But for your convenience, I have provided below a full-sentence outlining for a descriptive essay that you can easily follow. You can also get professional help from an essay writing service otherwise.

Write an engaging and intriguing introduction.

For every kind of essay writing, the most basic step is to write an eye-catching introduction to grab the readers’ attention. If you want your readers to stick to your descriptive essay till the end, then the best possible way is to pen down a compelling introduction for your selected topic. Remember your reader will only be interested to read if the introduction contains a hook statement.

In your hook statement, briefly mention the idea that you are going to discuss in your essay. This is another way to engage the audience in the very beginning readers will get to know the content of the essay. In the concluding line of your introductory paragraph, write a thesis statement indicating the aspect you are going to describe in the essay. Try to write an emotional statement that can appeal to the readers’ emotions.

  1. 1. Provide sensory details along with a complete description of the essay.

    A descriptive essay like every other essay consists of five paragraphs. Among the five, three are regarded as body paragraphs in which you discuss the various ideas regarding your topic. Each idea will be discussed in separate paragraphs. The number of paragraphs can vary depending upon the content e.g. if you have more than four ideas to describe then your essay can have more than four paragraphs.

    Present the information in chronological order and begin every paragraph with a topic sentence. The topic sentence will revolve around the idea that you will be discussing in the paragraph.

  2. 2. Provide supporting evidence for each idea.

    Keep in mind that your discussion will be worthless if it will not contain any supporting evidence for the claims that you have made. For this purpose, you can find other credible sources that are somehow related to your topic. The addition of other credible sources will also validate your claim. You can get help from a professional essay writer if you don’t know how to find credible sources.

  3. 3. Write analysis for each source.

    Once you have cited the sources as evidence for your claims, provide your own commentary on the outside sources. It means you have to critically analyze them in order to provide more information on discussed ideas. If you do not know how to analyze the sources, you can get help from professional online academic writers at the best paper writing service online. While writing your essay, try to keep the language simple and vivid so readers can attain the actual image of your mind.

  4. 4. Reassert your thesis statement in the concluding paragraph.

  5. Since the conclusion is the last part of the essay, you need to leave the readers with a feeling of satisfaction. For instance, at this point, I can reflect on the aim to write my essay for me and can explain why I decided to write on this topic. Besides providing a brief summary of the main point, rephrase your thesis statement instead of copy-pasting it.

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