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Chicago Manual of style is usually more detailed as compared to other formatting and citation styles. This is one reason students find it difficult if they have to add references manually. They feel like APA and MLA styles of referencing are easier and simpler. But when it comes to adding quotes then all the referencing style provides almost the same level of ease or you can say the same level of difficulty. A ‘write my essay for me’ service will know everything about it.

Chicago Manual of Style is used in social sciences, especially in humanities and history. It has been used for over a century now after it was introduced by the University of Chicago. At the time when it was introduced, it was meant for American English. It is still used as a style guide for American English but it is used Worldwide. If you are writing essays and you require to format quotes then this post might prove to be helpful for you. We either have to add direct quotes or indirect quotes after rephrasing the original text. In both cases, we need to format and cite.

If you have paraphrased an idea from another source in your work and you want to give due credit to the source, then you may provide footnotes, as is the case in the Chicago Manual of Style. You would be required to enter the name of the author and the title of your source along with the publication year so that the reader can consult them too and easily find them.

Adding direct quotations in the Chicago Manual of Style is a little different. If you have ever gotten some work done from an essay writing service in Chicago style, then you might have noticed. Direct quotations are cited and formatted differently than indirect quotations. But smaller quotes that are directly integrated are also formatted differently as compared to longer direct quotes.

To quote exactly the same words from another source, you are required to enclose them in inverted commas and then cite them. It is up to you which version of Chicago you use for citations. It could be either the footnote-bibliography version or the author-date version. If you have chosen a shorter statement directly from another source then it would be integrated as it is in the main body of your paper but it would be enclosed in quotation marks.

If you are using an author-date version of the Chicago Manual of Style for referencing then you will have to mention the page number as well from where you have picked the quotation. If you have longer quotations that you gave directly added then you require to indent the quote. An online paper writing service can do all the work for you.

If it is a quotation from prose, it should be more than 100 words, which makes roughly 4 or 5 lines of a typed document in Chicago Style. It would not be enclosed in inverted commas. It would be indented half an inch from left and you will add a blank line before and after it. Where the quote ends, you will cite it normally as you have cited other texts in your document.

If you are not adding direct quotations that means you are either rephrasing the original statement or you are paraphrasing the idea from the source that you have used. This, as mentioned earlier, does not require any special formatting like the block quotes. So you can cite them and format them normally. You need to make sure that if you are adding indirect quotes then you should not be using the same wording as the author in your consulted source has done.

I hope you have gotten to know all that you needed to know about formatting direct and indirect quotes in the Chicago Manual of Style. Besides, hand over your work to an expert essay writer and relax.

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