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Citations are a headache for students but they are important to give due credits to the sources that are being used for research. It is basic research ethics that you are required to acknowledge and quote the sources that you have consulted for conducting your research.

If you do not quote your sources then your work is considered plagiarised. Adding citations and references also indicates the authenticity of your research and the quality of your work. To ensure the research ethics and to depict the quality of research work, IEEE formatting and citation style are used in engineering. It is a style based on the Chicago Manual of style but an engineering student finds it much easier. If you are an essay writer who has written some essays following IEEE style then you must be familiar with it. You need some practice to familiarize yourself with the format then it becomes pretty simple for everyone.

First of all, you need to have a quick overview of the IEEE citation guidelines so that you have an idea about them. Since you cannot remember all the details, save a copy of the guidelines from an authentic source so that you can refer to them during the course of your research.

While you are doing a literature review for your research, sort your relevant sources so that you can consult them later. Copy-paste the relevant text and arguments from these sources and rephrase them so that you would not forget to add any important detail. But make sure that you also add citations and references according to IEEE Citation at the same time, so that no work goes uncited. This would also help you assign numbers to your graphs, maps, and other diagrams that you may have added to your paper. If you have gotten these charts and tables from another source you should refer to them in the reference list, as per the order of number assigned to them. Ask someone to write my essay for me and get your work done on time.

On the last page of an IEEE-style paper, you have to ensure that both the columns have the same length. You do not have to count the number of lines for each column to equate their lengths, rather you can add a column break to make sure that the length of both the columns is the same. Since it is the paper of an engineering student you might be required to make graphs, pie charts, and plot diagrams. If you have difficulty making them, or adjusting them in the columns you can make them in a separate file and then copy-paste them in between your columns where it is required. This does not disturb the arrangement of your text and the alignment of your columns. Consult the essay writing service if you are overloaded with your tasks.

The good thing about IEEE formatting is that it does not require you to add the details of the author and your source in the in-text citations. This makes this format a great essay help for the students because they need to add the details of their sources only once and that too in the reference list. So having your sources sorted out solves half the problem with formatting and referencing in IEEE style.

These are some of the general tips and techniques that could be useful for any student writing a research paper but these tips are specifically for engineering students. Since the IEEE format is a little different, some tips are specifically for the IEEE format and they cannot be helpful to students writing their papers in MLA or APA style. With the help of a paper writing service, you will easily complete your work on time.

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