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Students believe that if they have to provide their opinion in writing an assignment then it is an easy one. I was one of those students who thought it easy to analyze a text, a document, or a movie. I felt very happy when a teacher said you have to reflect on this source or narrate that event or review the latest movie. I thought it was easy because I did not need to do much homework.

I admit I was not entirely right but I was not even entirely wrong. It is easy to review a source or reflect on a document but that in no way means that I do not have to consult other sources to construct an informed view. I discovered that working with a professional essay writer is also a great way of doing the work.

I used to write my paper in a hurry if it was a narration or reflection. This made it a bad piece of writing but I was always very confident about my narration skills. So I will share my hard-learned lessons with you guys so that you can polish your narrative essay as I could.

The first and foremost thing, do not to think that your narration essay does not require an outline or a thesis statement. Yes, a narrative essay requires you to recount the events and retell a tale but still, you should not take it easy. A narrative essay asks you to narrate an event or explain a topic from your personal point of view. Despite its single motive and inclusion of your personal narration, you are required to formulate an outline and an effective thesis statement. Thereis no essay that works without an outline or without a thesis statement.

If you have ever worked with a paper writing service then you know what we are talking about.

Second, make sure to research your topic on the internet. Having consulted various sources can help you to make a polished and effective argument. You cannot be an expert on everything so it is always better if you consider external sources even when you are asked to provide your narrative on a matter. If you do not trust my opinion you can consult an essay writing service and get a narrative essay written. You will see that even they have followed a proper outline, a thesisstatement, and of course provided the narrative with due reference to external sources.

It is important to add here that we need to do some research prior to providing our narrative on a matter. It is so because research helps us build a context in which a particular event has taken place. It also helps us construct a well-informed argument. But, aside from these things, you can also research ideas to write an effective narrative essay. Your research does not always have to be about the content of your essay but about the methods to improve the quality of your narrativeessay. This would help you learn effective and efficient methods to put forth your narrative while you are writing an essay. Or work with an essay writing service to make sure that your work is flawless.

As you are writing your narrative make sure that the external sources you consult are not mere opinions. It is your narrative and your opinion that is of worth in a narrative essay. Thus, even when you consult other sources, do so only to improve your narration. Adding too many details, especially personal details, can make a reader lose interest in your reading. So instead of making your essay complex by using difficult words and adding minute details stay clear, focussed, and to thepoint. This would not only polish your essay but improve its coherence and clarity as well.

In the end, I would say that you should not take a narrative essay as just a story-narration. It could be asking for your narrative on an important event so treat your narrative essay as a formal piece of writing instead of a story. Or consult a ‘write my essay for me’ service and see how they guide you.

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