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A narrative essay is usually about your personal experiences that happened in your past. You narrate them in a way to show the readers about what had happened and how you overcame those circumstances. Or how that particular experience influenced your personality that you are now today. So the purpose is not to tell an entertaining storyline but to depict the significance of that particular experience.

Why write a first-person narrative essay?

By doing so, you are able to express your opinions, views, and beliefs to the public. An essay writer tends to share and communicate perspectives reliably and interestingly because people are interested and motivated by your experience.

A human mind retains 70 percent of memory by experiences and 95 percent by emotional reactions, and the best way to keep them interested is to only offer them a tale. Here, you will be provided with short narrative essay examples so that you could get a clear understanding of how to write a personal narrative essay using first person forms; the use of ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘Myself’ would be preferred.

The narrative is the best medium to convey emotions if presented right and make others interpret the universe through your eyes. It's also the best opportunity to encourage them to understand, expand their minds, and become much more informed with their own thoughts and perspectives or you can ask others to write essay for me .

Narrative examples in First-person

Topic # 1: Funniest Day of My Life

It was the day when my parents asked the doctor to come home rather than sending me to the hospital. I failed to specify that I have a fever. I received a massive shock when I saw the doctor. After seeing him, I suddenly started escaping from one corner to the other. At first, I literally thought of locking myself in a room so that nobody could get me. But then I preferred to climb on the cupboard, as I thought it would be unapproachable for them. Unluckily, I felt a sense of failure when everyone gathered around me grabbed me down with their light hands. I got 2 chocolates and one injective in return. It was actually a vaccine treatment. I didn’t know it before I realized I had to get that treatment for the next regular 5 days. Although, the doctors haven't visited my house since that day. However, my parents preferred to take me to the hospital so that I couldn’t create any trouble as I did on that day.

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Topic # 2: Worst Moment in Life and Lesson Learned

I have gone through the distribution of the focus of challenges and tribulations like any common person has indeed been. The only aspect that comes to mind right away is when I decided to leave my wonderful partner since the one felt I am a burden. My parents are very conservative and very old-fashioned. I wouldn't go out with my friends somewhere because although they can't even trust me that much.

Since then, I compromised on several enjoyable times during my youth just because they didn’t trust me. My father shut off our TV link, limited my usage of WiFi, and would only allow me to socialize with friends if I called them to my place. But by grade 12, I got frustrated. Due to such restrictions, my friends stopped welcoming me to their places. Eventually, I became an introvert.

Slowly and gradually, with my low self-esteem, I always wished to become a successful entrepreneur. With such ups and downs, I failed to fulfill my personal wishes as well. However, now I am sensible enough to understand that those things weren’t meant for me. Today, I am working in an MNC company, and I am very much satisfied with having the title of Senior Manager. I have realized trials and tribulations are important for your personal growth, and overcoming them with the help of your loved ones, makes the journey worth it.

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