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Are you in that phase of your life where you are struggling and failing to write a college application? Oh, we have all been there. Nothing about writing a college application is easy.

And when I say “nothing” I mean it!

I can go on and on about it but that's not why you are here. You have come here looking for some college application essay examples and that is what I’m gonna give you. I am here to tell you about some famous college essays that worked with students just like you.

Essay 1: Potatoes

That’s right. A college application on potatoes worked well enough to earn a spot in a college. Now, this is because this was no ordinary essay.

The topic is unique. The writing style is fun. But most importantly, the essay focused on the essay writer.

The admission committee read this essay and thought about how the writer is full of joy and has versatile interests.

The key is that despite talking about potatoes, you have to talk about yourself. So, you must link the potatoes to you.

Essay 2: Rock Climbing

Now, this topic certainly sounds better than potatoes but why did it work? Well, in this application, the writer talks about something that means a lot to them.

This is used as a way to connect with the audience.

When you talk about yourself, you draw the reader into your story.

Now, all you have to do is write an essay that is engaging so that the reader can understand you.

I know it sounds tough but once you start thinking about yourself, the ideas will come to you.

Essay 3: Collaboration

Now, this topic right here sounds like a proper college essay topic. Which is probably why it got selected in the first place.

Another reason for its selection? Well, it talks about collaboration in a unique manner. This means that the application doesn't simply mention human collaboration.

It actually talks about the periodic table. I know, it's genius.

The essay never directly addresses the topic but uses symbolism. Hence, this time, it's the creativity that counts.

Essay 4: Tortillas

Yes, apparently food topics are quite popular among the students. But then again, why not?

Again, you must be wondering how this one got selected. Well, it is because it uses the idea of tortilla making and links it to persistence.

Now, how you can do this is totally up to you but it is the idea that counts.

The writer describes their struggle with tortilla making and concludes that it has taught them persistence.

Similarly, you can also talk about any other life experience from which you have managed to learn something.

Essay 5: Finding a Voice

This topic is the one that will most surely work. That is if it is written well enough.

Such topics for college applications are very common. They speak of how you have struggled and how you have managed to overcome those struggles in life.

This works to show the committee that you are strong and resilient.

But there is a catch.

Since these topics are so common, you have to make your essay unique enough to stand out. This can take a lot of effort.

Well, there you have it.

These are the five topics that got students like you into colleges across the country. You will have noticed how the topics are unique and versatile.

Well, then you should also pick a unique topic and get going. And if you are having trouble, then contact an online essay writing service.

They will write you a college application while you can relax. So, go ahead and get started.

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