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Writing an expository essay can be tougher than writing a descriptive essay or even an analytical essay. It is because an essay writer is required to explore all the aspects of the essay in detail. You must bear in mind that you are required to examine an idea, assess evidence, present the idea, and bring forward an argument in a clear manner.

  1. Possible effects of not casting a vote.
  2. Is failing a college exam a big deal?
  3. Impacts of alcohol addiction among teenagers
  4. Why must school uniforms be practiced?
  5. Is democracy the best way to rule?
  6. Can drug addiction lead to violent crimes?
  7. Should teenage felons be shown mercy?
  8. How can the issue of the glass ceiling be addressed?
  9. Does Internet addiction impact children as much as adults?
  10. How ‘code of ethics’ is interpreted in terms of the law?
  11. Is there a way to avoid damage done to children by the divorce of parents?
  12. Should assisted-suicide be made normalized?
  13. Can gun control be effective in a free country?
  14. Why the death penalty should not be abolished?
  15. Can racism be eliminated from society?
  16. Is it possible to eliminate poverty?
  17. Describe and explain your perception of morality.
  18. Should the states prohibit abortion?
  19. Is losing weight a way to stay fit?
  20. Healthy food: Describing the consequences of eating healthy.
  21. Should fast-food that is harmful be banned?
  22. Can the World Health Organization help all the countries?
  23. Why do most diseases haunt poor countries?
  24. Does music affect our minds negatively?
  25. What is the interrelation of health to the IQ levels?
  26. How to deal with ADHD?
  27. How should a college student live healthily?
  28. Is Dorian Gray a victim or a villain?

There are various topics to write about. You can look around, analyze the current affairs, and convert them into expository essay topics as you like. This gives you the freedom of writing a topic of interest so you can enjoy it as you write. Here are some more topics you can choose from or if you need more ideas, ask an essay writing service now.

  1. Analyze the style of the author in Hamlet.
  2. Discuss symbolism in "Leaves of Grass."
  3. Analyze why the role of secondary characters is also crucial
  4. What are the consequences of being a hero?
  5. Impacts of H. Wells’ “Time Machine” on its readers
  6. Explain the impacts of the invention of gunpowder.
  7. Discuss the invention of the first magazine
  8. Analyze the effects of global warming on the future.
  9. What was the role of Astronomy in Ancient Greece?
  10. Role of tea export in the economy of modern China.
  11. Industrial development in Japan
  12. Impacts of a write my essay for me service.
  13. Are the Templars the Mercenaries or Guards of Faith?
  14. What were the causes of Nationwide Prohibition?
  15. What are the effects of being addicted to social media networks?
  16. How does mechanical technology become obsolete?
  17. Discuss the impact of The theory of general relativity on modern physics.
  18. Why did the Arabic numeral win over Latin?
  19. Why is the iPhone considered significant in the world of mobile technology?
  20. Are inventions of Elon Musk detrimental to humanity?
  21. Contributions of Stephen Hawking in astrophysics
  22. Landing on Mars, not fiction anymore
  23. Time travel: Possible or not?

After you have selected a topic, you are required to start working on the writing process. However, it is suggested that before you begin composing the essay, you should choose a few topics which fascinate you and conduct minor research. It will help you understand the various aspects of the essay and the amount of evidence you will have for the essay. You can also consult essays on similar topics available to you on an online write my paper service. Make sure that whatever topic you choose, you are able to excite and educate your readers.

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