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“Assigned with the challenging task of my ever first reflective write-up. Did I sit on my chair with my energyless hands on the keyboard, while thinking where to start? Finally, thoughts came up as I realized how far I have come in life…”

Reflecting your own ideas can sometimes seem quite challenging. Let’s be simple, reflective essays are kind of write-ups that help us analyze more of us, who we are, and how we have changed so far. It is basically the writer’s own experiences, thoughts, and ideas. It is similar to writing a diary in person however, it needs to have a consistent structure as you will be presenting this to your audience.

In this tutorial, you will be provided with different guidelines that will be helpful in writing your reflective essay. If you are unsure how to write it on your own, don’t panic! Feel free to reach an ‘essay writing service’ to get your work done. You just have to provide them with the details and requirements, and they will deliver your order on the promised date. Let’s go through the basics of reflective writing...

Why reflect?

Reflecting yourself improves self-learning processes. Keep reading for further factors;

  • It depicts the extent of your learning
  • It directs you to convert your negatives into positives
  • It builds a sense of ownership within you
  • It enhances emotional intelligence
  • By penning it down - you can also get feedbacks in future
  • It is good for mental health
  • Since you write, there is no need for you to get emotionally dependent on someone else

How to build a deeper reflection?

Developing a deep reflection needs time and energy. However, you must consult these points before analyzing;

  • Create questions > further question your own answer > respond in questions
  • How emotional influence resulted in your strengths?
  • Keep challenging your own ideas or perceptions
  • Recognition of historical events
  • Review on your own reflection

Principles to write an astounding reflective essay

Generally, pouring your words on paper can be challenging for you. However, if you have fully planned and well-prepared it will help you to make your process of writing more smooth and flexible.

These points will surely help you to make your writing process smoother;

  1. Reach out to different reflective pieces in magazines and newspapers to improve the essence of your reflective tone and format.
  2. Don’t overthink about each sentence correction. Just go with the flow and keep on writing. You can obviously come back later to edit your piece of writing. It is definite that your first draft won’t be the masterpiece that you chose to show to the world. But as soon as you will start writing, there will be more room for you to make it perfect. However, you can hire an essay writer from ‘do my essay’ services for further assistance, as they have many professionals who are just waiting to receive a ‘hello’ from you! You can either ask them to provide models for you to emulate or proofread and fix your reflection for you.
  3. For each point about your experience, you have to support it with evidence and logic on how it really affected you, whilst conveying how you felt at that moment. This would be a smart move to make it more real.
  4. Use the terms ‘I’, ‘Me’, Myself’, since you are reflecting your own perspectives and experiences.
  5. Make your outline systematic in a way that it must depict the cycle systematically.
  6. Try to start your introduction with a quote or any flashback incident. But bear in mind that it must not be very elaborative.
  7. Use as many adjectives as you can. But again, avoid informal adjectives like ok, great, or nice.
  8. If applicable, although this is about your personal ups and downs however it is also essential to link it with a theoretical perspective. It will enhance the credibility of your analysis and will ensure the audience that you have a grip over your self-analysis and also on the subject under which you are writing it.
  9. Along with other perspectives, these essays often help to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable of the multidisciplinary essence of both the learning activity and its analytical mechanism.

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