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“Hey this is my friend and he is so smart. He loves fast food and going out” It’s so easy to talk about others but we sort of get tongue-tied when trying to introduce ourselves.

Well, a personal statement is just that as an essay writer might have to introduce yourself in certain areas to progress further. Admission essays for scholarship essays all demand some form of a personal statement where you tell about yourself and why you might pursue a particular career. Many times, personal statements accompany a bigger application. So, what to write about in it? Have a look to get some inspiration.


  • You might want to establish your foundation for writing essays or an application by delving into yourself and your background. You might feel the application would have much more weightage if I just add some facts regarding how I have lived through life. Well, nobody is stopping you from sharing your deep self. Let it flow.
  • We suffer so many incidents in life that tend to make us stronger. Are you one of those who have faced some obstacles in life and have overcome it successfully? What lessons did you learn or do you want to show others how to pass through the same with ease? All these can be placed in an online essay writing if the moment is right to give the judges a glimpse of how competent you really are
  • It is our experiences that change our mindset towards certain things. We may have a certain belief but it gets modified radically by passing through various stages of life. So, what do you do in such instances? You write about it and make it compelling so that people may understand your angle on the whole story. There might be opposers so make sure you use your best rhetorics. Personal statement prompts are here to help you but you could just as easily think out of the box and craft your own. If you have any trouble in thinking of a topic or are unable to spend time writing, then a professional ‘write my paper’ service could rescue the situation.
  • In most areas, it is your problem-solving skills that matter whether you are trying to go for employment or any other area. You may have a certain arsenal of past events where you got out with flying colors while using your problem-solving skills. So, why not tell your observer such details so that your application may be considered as a priority over others.
  • People tend to look for new innovative ideas for their businesses and organizations. Such things are appreciated and you may be the one who has the missing link. Let the others know that you have what it takes to generate exceptional ideas that could revolutionize the way normal companies may work. You are a critical thinker and plan to implement things strategically? Then show them your side.
  • You are a high achiever with many awards and certificates under your belt. In such situations, you must inform the audience that you have faced victory and have an idea of how to be at the top. Talent is always appreciated and thus mentioning your achievements is paramount. If you do not have much to boast, depict your qualities that may be enough for others to give you recognition.

Follow any of the above prompts according to the situation. It would give your application a weightage that is guaranteed to take you to the top of any list. The more you practice the easier it would become to talk about yourself while being modest.

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