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In the current academic arenas, pursuing a graduate degree has a necessary element; the submission of a research paper, a research project, a thesis, or a dissertation. Apart from the students, a lot of people get confused between these things which has motivated us to clarify the key distinctions between these two.

If you are at that stage of your academic life, which requires a well-researched thesis or dissertation from you to chase that degree then this post is the perfect piece for you and you must give it a quick glance before you embark on that journey.

Upon reading different kinds of research papers you may find the following things in common in both of them. If you are still confused, ask others to write my essay for me.

  • An introduction
  • A narrative of the literature review
  • Methods or an analytical
  • Results or findings
  • Conclusion or general discussion
  • Policy implications (occasionally)

You must be aware of the fact that writing a thesis or a dissertation requires great effort and not everyone is a born researcher. If you struggle at any point during this process, get in touch with online writing services. These services also provide samples of free essays along with a research paper example that can help you get an initial glimpse of the quality and quantity. There are some essential traits which many students do not pay close attention to and this results in low grades. To make a research paper more interesting, it is necessary that the essay writer should be deeply committed to writing and display passion. For this purpose, a student needs to realize that there are no boring or redundant subjects and there are some readers who can turn out to be the greatest fans of this subject.

Different types of formats and genres of research papers can intimidate students and may appear daunting but a little bit of detailed study and guidance in the right direction can serve the purpose.

Here are the most popular types of research papers:

  • Interpretive papers: These require from the students their understanding of a particular subject matter and are most common in the subjects of humanities. These papers follow a theoretical framework that is established. Students have to use supporting data from primary and secondary sources so that the thesis statement can be backed up or hire a write my paper service to do it for you.
  • Compare and contrast papers: A compare and contrast essay strives to find similarities and differences between two notions or ideas. Students must be thinking that these kinds of essays do not require much effort and are only limited to a simple comparison.
  • Cause and effect papers: This essay strives to determine how various phenomena are related to each other.
  • Argumentative papers: There are hundreds of topics that have strong viewpoints in their favor or opposition. The strength and spirit of a topic are necessary for you to consider while writing an argumentative essay. If you have good analytical, research, and writing skills, then it is never difficult to give arguments about a topic.
  • Analytical papers:, Writing an effective analytical essay has its own peculiarities. Various writers have their own styles and unique styles that are associated with different words cannot be replicated. Various academic pieces of writing are created by different writers so that several theories or ideas are explored but when a student is analyzing those pieces it's not very easy to contemplate what was on the mind of the writers and what they were trying to think or portray.
  • Definition papers: These papers are based on definitional claims and they let readers know about the essence of something.
  • Reports: are used to outline the situation of a specific case study. Reports contain short sentences which are factual in nature and devoid of emotion. The basic purpose of such research papers is to inform a specific segment of readers.
  • In case you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

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