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Logical Fallacies are invalid and illegitimate attempts and ways to drive the argument in one’s own favor. A debater must always remain aware to identify when the opponent uses some of the logical fallacies. If the debater or an essay writer is unaware of the opponent’s usage of fallacies, he more likely may fall into the trap and lose his argument.

Though, there is no boundary or limitation of logical fallacies as they are created and used by the debaters according to the situation. However, some critical ones with examples are being discussed below here. Going through these fallacies with examples carefully and thoroughly will give you apt knowledge and a sound understanding of the spotting fallacies and tackling them or you can also ask others to write my essay for me.

Example of the “Tu Quoque” Fallacy

It is a worthless try for questioning and devaluing the criticism of an opponent by invalid criticism instead of counterargument. For instance, in the following argument, Angela is making a valid claim but Jordan fails to produce a counter-argument rather he uses the fallacy and criticizes Angela’s claim instead of rebutting it logically and authentically.

Angela: The list of employees with poor performance, zero addition to the company’s progress, and low attendance records suggest replacing them with professional, skilled, and expert employees.

Jordan You too cannot claim to be a credible, reliable, and useful employee for the company so the same goes for you as well.

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The Fallacy of Personal Skepticism

Often it happens that debaters stand unsure and unaware of the argument or claim made by the opponent. In such a situation, lack of knowledge and resources often trembles the debaters so they attempt to falsify and prove the claim wrong made by the opponent. This approach can be pointed out from different debate examples and it is greatly varying in its different perspectives and appeals to how the confused and unsure debaters use the fallacy of personal incredulity. Following is an example of this fallacy.

Jordan: “I don’t understand how restructuring the policies and the entire framework will enhance the progress when everything is already working in a smooth flow?”

The Middle Ground Fallacy

By this fallacy, it creates an assumption of taking a compromise between the conflicting standpoints to be ever true. In such situations, the probability is completely ignored that the two varying and conflicting points may be too false or different as the compromise would be entirely wrong. The following example explains this middle ground fallacy.

Jordan:“Since Angela feels that replacing the existing employees with the new ones and restructuring the entire policy system can increase the company’s progress; I believe there is a middle way to resolve the situation by exchanging the employee’s positions and departments with some minor changes in the policy.”

The Fallacy of the Straw Man

Often an opponent attempts to oversimplify or misinterpret the rival’s argument or opinion. This approach is called the fallacy of the Straw Man. Using this fallacy, the debaters and opponents try to weaken down the arguments to easily rebut and discredit it. Apparently, it seems that the opponent is intelligent enough to pinpoint critical factors that are making the argument weak or false. However, they are the fabricated and inaccurate version of the argument and can easily be challenged and proved wrong. The following example explains this fallacy.

Jordan: “Angela thinks that replacing the employees and restructuring the company’s policy system is a good solution to the problems that don’t really exist even. She actually wants that the company may stop working and consume its finance and time to restart everything from zero. So, who will be responsible for the loss the company will face during the process of restructuring and no work due to the replacement procedure of the employees?”

These are some of the common examples. There could be hundreds of other fallacies depending upon the topic, the debaters, and their way of dealing with the argument. Strong knowledge and apt storage of authentic resources will be the best solution for dealing with any types of fallacies. These examples will help you write a perfect debate. If you are unsure about your writing skills, get help from an essay writing service now.

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