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Authors and writers utilize various techniques and appeals in their essays to make the reader agree with their points of view in the essays. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos are considerably the three most important and commonly used appeals by the authors in their rhetorical analysis essays. This article is going to help you develop an understanding of how these three appeals help an essay writer in developing a challenging rhetorical analysis essay.

Before you begin reading the three appeals, it is essential that you first must have knowledge about what is a rhetorical essay. This type of essay aims at breaking down a non-fiction piece of writing into fragments to analyze and evaluate each fragment in depth. The main goal or purpose of a rhetorical analysis essay can be informing, entertaining, or persuading the readers about a claim or point of view. Writing such an essay is considered to be a great literary and critical activity as it develops abundant analytical skills in the writers.

The three major appeals are explained below here:


When the authors or writers deploy their professionalism, knowledge, status, their own credibility or the credibility of their resources to develop senses of persuasion by calling to human ethics, it is called the use of Ethos. It is one of the most effective persuasive techniques as many readers get influenced and impressed with the writer’s own experiences and knowledge. Furthermore, the credibility of the claim and discussion increases when the authors give examples from authentic resources. An example to show the use of ethos maybe, “All the experts and researchers in the list of peer-reviewed research works included in the essay support the idea that precautions and staying careful protect a human from all the dangers in every situation”.


When the authors or writers play, deal, or directly communicate through human emotions to persuade the readers and make them agree with their claim, it is called Pathos. Expert writers and authors can provide you with a rhetorical analysis essay example containing using these appeals especially pathos. The authors deal with a variety of thoughts, states of minds, feelings, and ideologies that urge emotion associated with the topic. Almost every human being is always influenced by emotions to some degree which is the reason that the writers employ the appeal of pathos in their writings. An example to show the usage of pathos can be, “Although, achieving the goal with tireless efforts and struggles is good to attain success. However, health and mental peace can never be compromised at any cost.”


Using logic and taking help from reasoning to prove a claim or point of view to persuade the readers is called using Logos. It help writers and authors to incorporate legitimacy and authenticity in their writing. A majority of readers depend upon the valid argument and reasoning to accept a claim. Reasoning and argument give a number of logics and points comparing and contrasting the aspects of the topics through which the readers develop understanding and appeals of acceptance to the author’s point of view. Using logos is the best technique to persuade such people who rely mostly on logical reasoning to either accept or reject a claim. An example to show the use of logos can be, “Numberless movements and campaigns have been working for the equal rights of women and to stop oppression against them. Yet they haven’t succeeded in the cause given millions and billions of women are still facing severe oppression and brutality around the globe that everyone can witness on the social and electronic media today.”

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