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A case study is usually considered as a research methodology done on social and life sciences. There is no specific definition of case studies but they are mostly referred to as a study carried out on an individual, group, or community. The writer of the case study has to investigate the topic they are writing, for example, if the topic is related to a community the writer has to gain maximum knowledge of the community before starting their case study. The writer of the case study also referred to as a researcher should consider all the variables related to the topic and carry out in-depth research on the things associated with their topic.

Tips about the format of a case study:

Synopsis or a summary of the case study

The first step of writing a successful case study is forming an outline of the things which should be included in your work. This outline is often referred to as a synopsis. It is important to form a synopsis first as it outlines all the main points which should be included in the case study and make it easier for the researcher to carry out their research about the topic.

Findings of the case study

The next step is to identify the problem found in the case study. Only mentioning the problem is your case study will not bring quality to your work. The writer has to support everything with evidence so that it is clear for the audience what you are talking about. Supporting the identification of the problem with facts and figures makes a case study successful. For more help, ask someone to write my paper, make sure they have good writing skills.

Discussion of the problem

In this section of the case study, the author has to discuss the possible cause and solutions of the problem. The writer should try to identify multiple solutions for the problem that they found and support their solutions with evidence. Each solution identified should be discussed in detail so that the audience has a clear idea of how the problem identified could be solved.


Unlike the essays, the conclusion is not the last section of the case study. An essay writer has to sum up all the points of the essay in the conclusion and then provide their opinion regarding the topic. The conclusion of a case study is similar to that of an essay but in this, the writer only has to discuss the points mentioned in the findings and discussion of the problem section.


This part of the case study presents the best solution which should be adopted. The writer has to discuss the solution which according to them is most appropriate in solving the particular problem. They should also write why it is appropriate to choose this particular solution over the others.

Implementation of the solution

The last section of the case study mentions how the solution discussed in the recommendation section could be implemented in real life. The writer should identify the sources which could implement this solution. When and where the solution should be implemented must be addressed in this section as well.

Compared to essays, case studies are considered difficult to write and people require more skills while writing such documents. In a case study, the writer has to state things to the point and provide evidence for everything they write. Due to the increasing online paper writing service, many professional writers have also started to provide essay writer service over the internet.

Such writing services online have reduced the stress of academics on students and have increased the quality of work at the school and college levels. The tips regarding the format of a case study will be helpful for all those who are writing a case study for the first time or have no idea about how a case study should be written.

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