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It is no secret that while working on an academic essay, errors can occur. This is a normal phenomenon. In fact, this is the learning process in order to obtain the necessary knowledge, which will be useful later in the work. Academic essay writing is pretty specific and is meant to push along knowledge and information, and as such, you cannot do that if there is no substance or truth to what the paper is presenting.

Some of the basic problems that every essay writer come across while writing an academic paper are as under:

Identification of essay type: There are different types of academic essays, and the requirements also differ from type to type. You cannot write exposition in an argumentative or opinion essay. In the same way, you can, by no means, narrate your story, but in a narrative essay. So, identification of essay type is inevitable in academic essay writing. Most students are, either not aware of the different essay types, or cannot identify the essay genre by simply looking at the topic.

Page limit: You always have more results than you have pages. Therefore, it’s always a tight rope walk. You don’t know what part a reviewer would focus on? How do you fit everything in?

Coping with Deadlines: When a deadline is nearing, should you dedicate your time to improving the writing of the existing draft or getting more results to strengthen your case? If the overall writing is not up to the mark, then there is a chance that the reviewers may not even engage with the technical section and the paper will be rejected. On the other hand, you know that certain claims which you think are important can be strengthened by providing additional empirical/ analytical pieces of evidence. In short, it’s hard to distinguish between necessity and sufficiency.

Getting of the Topic: A problem many people encounter during the writing process is getting off-topic. This is the most common of all the essay writing problems that students face while writing an academic essay or paper. The best way to avoid this is to understand the requirements of the paper, and carefully plan your paper before starting to write.

Plagiarism: Everyone can download work from the Internet, but if the teacher decides to check the work for uniqueness, a student may have big problems.

Wrong design: Even if we assume that the text is written perfectly, but it does not meet the requirements of the teacher. Then the work will still be returned for revision and sometimes redoing is not easy.

Disproportionate presentation of the material: It happens that one section takes up the entire amount of work, and the other is barely enough for one page, this option also rarely satisfies teachers.

The theme of the work is not disclosed in the process of writing. Students who do not want to attach due attention to their work can often get confused in the process of presenting the material. This leads to a mismatch of the topic and conclusions at the end of the work and such work will not deserve a good grade.

Insufficient research: The research process is very important. If you think reading one or two articles before you start the writing process is enough, you are not right. You should not limit yourself to the information already stored in your head, rather you need fresh facts, statistics, and information.

Revisions: Students initially write their own version. They write a narrative, design the characters/roles according to their vision. They then, pass the draft to their advisor/co-authors. They could write a completely different screenplay for the same story. And, this presents students with some serious problems, for no one wants to rewrite the whole essay again.

Writing takes time and demands practice, a lot of practice, in fact. Essays are written from start to end with a crystal-clear introduction, well-reasoned analysis, and compelling conclusions.

No papers are born from middle to outside. They are edited, revised, scrapped, rearranged, edited, and revised, many times before they are even sent out for peer review. However, if you are not confident enough of your writing skill, you should contact an online essay writing service and hire a professional essay writer.

Play smart, play safe, and save the grade.

Good Luck!

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