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Most scholarships (not all) require an essay writer to write an essay and submit it along with their application. But every student who is required to submit a scholarship application essay must know the importance of it. It means that the scholarship application essay is an important part of your application. Hence, make the best of your efforts to write a masterpiece. Because your scholarship application essay plays a vital role in the acceptance of your application as well as its rejection.

But the matter is how one (you) can write a masterful scholarship essay. But no need to worry, you can do it. You can write a masterful scholarship essay by enhancing your creative writing skills. But again how can it be?

This blog post aims to give you some powerful and credible scholarship essay examples in order to assist you with how to write your essay with perfection or you can ask others to write my essay.

Scholarship Essay Example # 1

Title: Tell about your need for the scholarship

The importance and value of being educated is something that I understood since my childhood. No one of my parents got an opportunity to attend school and get educated. And that is why they have faced a lot of difficulties in their personal and professional lives. But they are the greatest thing for me even though they are uneducated. They made every possible effort to inject the importance of learning, hard work, and dedication in me. And the best thing is they got to succeed in what they were trying to do.

Due to their unconditional love, support, and sacrifices, I have been able to get my time and energy in my academics goals. As well as in achieving them even though there were financial issues all the time. Due to the support and encouragement of my parents and my hard work, I am a highlighted student of my class at ABC School. I always worked as a math and science tutor to financially support my family.

Moreover, I also find myself an active member of extracurricular activities. I have always focused on “how I can contribute to my community”. And God helped me do so. Now, I have been an active member of ABC Community Programs for two (2) years. I also kept myself engaged in other volunteer activities.

I never say that these efforts of mine only benefited the community and people. But they played a crucial role in my personal and social development.

Each of my parents indeed made huge efforts and sacrifices to make me focus on education. They made efforts from my first day at school and even tried to allow me to do so even today. Now I am the very first one in my whole family to get a chance and attend college. But I still have an issue which is financial challenges. I am in need of financial support to achieve what I aim for. And make the dreams of my parents come true.

If chosen for the scholarship, I would be the one who will apply similar conscientiousness to collegiate studies. I will do it as I have done until today. I will list “education and serving my community” at the top of the list of my long-term goals.

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Scholarship Essay Example # 2

Title: Describe your experience and commitment towards diversity

Like an inspiring person “Dr. John B Ervin”, I believe in the significance of getting a quality education. I also love to share his passion and enthusiasm to engage my community and bring a diverse populace together. I start thinking about my family whenever I think about diversity. I am the son of immigrant parents who have migrated to America before my birth. My mom and dad were from two (2) different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. They are my best teacher when I think about who taught me the significance of getting a good education. My father always tells me “Son, education is a key to success”. My parents also taught me to respect personal identities as well as the cultural values of people.

In practical/real life, my experience coupled with my parents can add to my knowledge about bringing diverse people together. This special experience can also bring marvelous diversity to ABC University. As well as can contribute to a mix of different perspectives at the university.

My most favorite friends at college were Michael and John. We have spent most of the weekends together because we always loved to spend time with each other. We also enjoy one another’s company. But only at one time, we always have a problem. The problem was when we were discussing religion and politics. Michael is an Agnostic while I and John are Christian. I was afraid that our friendship would end one day with this problem. Hence, I told both of them that we will not discuss religion when we are together. In place of it, I called them to join my youth group where we will be playing different games and study the Bible. I was shocked when Michael inquired about the Bible.

I understood that he has an interest in understanding our beliefs instead of arguing against them. Every day, our discussion became more and more pleasant. And we did not even share the same belief but we started respecting each other’s opinions so the beliefs.

This experience of bringing my close friends together taught me that I can be able to bring diverse individuals together. I also used my leadership skills in this experience. Because I used to convince my friends to discuss things manners. Instead of shouting at each other even, they both share different beliefs. We three are players of our school football team. So I also found myself succeeding in inspiring our team to play harder even though we have had many losses. This experience attached to my family may bring huge diversity to ABC University. As well as can add to the mixed viewpoints at the university.

If I have been given the opportunity at ABC University, I am dedicated to persist on the way to admire the legacy of Dr. John B. Ervin through implementing his belief about diversity, service, and leadership.

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