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Are you tired of finding interesting and engaging topics for writing persuasive essays?

If Yes. Stop right here. Because you will find here some of the most interesting and engaging topics for writing persuasive essays.

Persuasive essays are essays that attempt to convince a reader to agree with the writer’s perspective or viewpoint. A persuasive essay involves strong and valid arguments supported by proofs to make the reader understand it well and agree with it. Not only involving strong ideas or arguments important for writing essays. There are several other points you need to take care of while writing or before starting your write-up. The most important among all is the decision of the topic. Writers usually face issues with finding attractive and most importantly engaging topics for debating and writing essays. Where they can take assistance from an essay writing service regarding how to make their engaging topics or decide topics for writing outstanding persuasive or other types of essays or you can ask others to write my paper.

43 Engaging Topics for Writing Persuasive Essay

43 most engaging persuasive essay topics are mentioned below. These topics will not only help you write outstanding and engaging essays but will also attract your reader’s attention and they would love to want more such essays.

  1. Teaching ethics should be made mandatory in every area or discipline.
  2. Virtual learning systems are better as compared to online learning systems.
  3. Industries should be charged for using excessive energy.
  4. A carbon tax should be made mandatory in all countries of the world.
  5. Deforestation is killing the world.
  6. Online games are spreading violence among adolescents.
  7. Are our new online games safe for children?
  8. Excess use of technology is not safe for children.
  9. Students from poor backgrounds face numerous issues with online learning systems.
  10. Higher education should be made accessible for all.
  11. Should people be given the right to live freely?
  12. The vital role of technology in spreading education.
  13. Drinking energy drinks affects the mental and physical health of the individual.
  14. Nutritional use in the diet is saving lives.
  15. Excess production of tobacco should be banned.
  16. Emerging psychological issues are causing suicidal attempts.
  17. Universities should focus on practical work rather than theoretical work.
  18. Students should be given opportunities to gain practical experience.
  19. Getting higher education is the right of every student.
  20. The online education system lacks interaction.

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  1. E-learning the future of education.
  2. Child abuse a threatening issue in today’s world.
  3. Adults have the right to decide their career.
  4. Getting jobs through reference is illegal.
  5. Every educated individual has the right to get a job.
  6. The increasing rate of unemployment should be stopped.
  7. The fetus has the right to live.
  8. Women’s rights are more important than the rights of the fetus.
  9. Sexual harassment in offices should be stopped.
  10. Women have the right to freedom.
  11. Adverse effects caused by the use of vaccines should be strictly considered by vaccine manufacturers.
  12. Serious action should be taken against drug addicts.
  13. Industries and factories using excess energy should be heavily charged.
  14. Hunting animals should be banned.
  15. Work burden on employees must be reduced.
  16. A focus on learning new things should be implemented in educational institutions.
  17. Games promoting violence should be banned.
  18. Self-defense is the right of every human.
  19. Employees have the right to speak for their rights.
  20. Ideas from lower management in an organization should be welcomed.
  21. An adopted child and the child born in the same family should both be given equal rights.
  22. A transgender person has the right to freedom.
  23. Effective writing skills are mandatory for higher-level students.

Decide the topic of your essay with great care and attention. Try to pick a topic of your interest so that you can easily write on it. My friend John always picks random topics and when he gets stuck in between he asks others to write my essay for me. That is why you should select a topic about which you are passionate.

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