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Writing a research paper is part and parcel of any academic institution; whether you are in high school or university it is mandatory to prepare some research work. The nature of such work may vary depending upon the subject but the principle of research remains the same. Each type of paper requires unique techniques to follow; if you are preparing a paper as a medical student then your evidence has to be concrete. In other words, your research should be based on empirical evidence meaning verifiable.

In a medical research paper, your results should be concrete because you are proposing a cure for a certain disease. There is zero chance of human error that is why your paper should be a hundred percent authentic. Authenticity would add credibility to your research and it would help an essay writer for his future endures. For clarity, you can also relate collected data through experience and observation. In this article, I will cover some important tips to write a decent empirical research paper that I’m sure would help you land a decent grade or you can always ask others to write my essay.

Tips to write a good research paper

  1. Step 1: Purpose of research

    For a good paper first, define the purpose of research and narrow it down to a certain point. Make sure that your research is cost-effective as you cannot spend too much on it. Once you define your purpose look for data and how much time is required to compile it. You can follow the below-mentioned methods of data collection.

    · Quantitative research: It is mainly based on a collection of numeric data like facts and figures. The common methods in this research are polls, longitudinal studies, and surveys.

    · Qualitative research: It means gathering non-numeric data like ideas and opinions. You can also use questionnaires for gathering particular data from targeted audiences.

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  2. Step 2: Research questions

    After the collection of desired data make sure that you have formed specific research questions. It would help you to narrow down your research. There is no restriction to only include one type of data; you can write your research in a certain pattern. You can also use charts and graphs if they are necessary to answer your research questions.

  3. Step 3: Theoretical framework/supporting theories

    It would add authenticity and credibility to your research; make sure that your research is provable from the theoretical paradigm. In the case of Social Sciences, you can add theories of liberalism, realism, constructivism, and critical theory; if these are helpful. In the same way, if you are writing research about medical science do mention other researchers who worked in the same area.

  4. Step 4: Measurement and hypothesis

    In your research paper do mention at least one hypothesis it will work as a variable in your research. To some extent, it would help you to present your data in a certain order, and in the end, you would tell your reader whether your research proved the hypothesis correct or not. If you are thinking it is too much for you to handle then do not worry about it. Just hire a professional essay writing service to help you out with your empirical research paper. Order a few model papers, I am sure you would be impressed by its quality and content and learn how to craft one of your own from it easily.

  5. Step 5: Data analysis and result

    In your paper, make sure to conduct a thorough analysis and include all relevant points. Do not forget to link your findings with research questions and thesis statements. In the end, tell the reader whether your hypothesis proved correct or incorrect. For your guidance, you can also purchase cheap research papers and models with essay writer service. I am sure you would find many inspirational papers that could help you get started.

  6. Step 6: Conclusion

    Mention your research findings in this part with the theoretical framework and what challenges you faced while finding the data. You can also make recommendations for future researchers like which areas still need to be worked on. You can also add critical observation in the conclusion so that readers can have a broader view of your research.

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