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All academic disciplines require writing unique types of essays. There are many types of essays that students have to deal with in colleges and schools. A writer may have expertise in writing an argumentative essay but there are slight chances that he/she may not be able to write a rhetorical analysis essay. It is a unique type of essay which requires ‘writing about writing,’ ‘teaching a teacher,’ and ‘dreaming about a dream’ and so on. The purpose of writing such an essay is to inform the audience about a particular topic.

You may use persuasive techniques to get feedback from the audience. It is indeed a very detailed form of essay and you have to be extra careful and vigilant while writing. I know it can be a little tough especially if it's your first time writing one. A good idea is to seek professional help. Many students prefer to hire an essay writing service who can tutor them to write an essay by themselves. There are many legit academic essay writing services who could draft several model papers for you that can help teach you the art.

I am writing down elements that are necessary to be present in a rhetorical analysis essay. By following these elements I am sure it can point you in the right direction

  1. First, you have to analyze the original article upon which you want to conduct your rhetorical analysis. By knowing all attributes you would be able to incorporate those in your essay while analyzing them.
  2. The second crucial step is to follow SOAPS
    1. S: Subject or topic of your interest
    2. O: Occasion, upon which you heard about a specific topic
    3. A: You should know, who is your audience
    4. P: Purpose, why the previous author created such an article, you also have to interpret it differently by supporting arguments.
    5. S: Speaker
  3. You should also include the rhetorical stages like ethos, logos, and pathos. It is an important strategy to follow while writing rhetoric. You can find more details about these three elements online as there is plenty of material available on it.
  4. Your writing may vary like it can be any of these dialects, imagery, language, tone, and voice. These were some rhetorical stages that you have to consider while writing one.
  5. You should start your essay with an appropriate tone as starting it with a joke would not be right; especially if your essay is about a serious health issue. You can also start from an anecdote, literary quote, contradiction, comparison, and poetry line.
  6. Your sequence of the rhetorical analysis should look like this:
    1. First, gather all the data you need to include in your essay.
    2. Start with an introductory paragraph that should end on your thesis statement.
    3. The number of paragraphs in the body may vary but it should be a minimum of three paragraphs with supporting arguments.
    4. Before writing your conclusion you should add a paragraph of rhetorical analysis where you would again reinstate your arguments.
    5. Your last paragraph should be a conclusion.

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