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"Essay" is a word that comes from the Latin word “exagium”. It means a document or a short passage that tells the story or one side of the argument, experience, or event, etc. The meaning of the word “essay” indicates that writing is the tool of an essay and writers can personalize their essays by writing them uniquely.

Well, for this essay writing or its details should be new that is not used by any other essay writer. Obviously, this is not possible as different writers use the same information to discuss the same topic. Then how is it possible to personalize essays through writing? Or how the same information can be used each time differently? This answer is “paraphrasing”.

Paraphrasing is the method through which the writers change the wording of the information in such a way that its meaning remains the same. If the meaning of the sentence or piece of information is changing then you are paraphrasing wrongly. In this article, we will teach you about paraphrasing for your essay. You have to keep your focus on the elements discussed below while using the outside source in your essay.

Understand the Passage

Before changing or using the information you have to understand its meaning. Without understanding the exact meaning or perception of the information you cannot write it in your own words. Therefore, take time and read the information several times until you get cleared with the meaning that the original writer wants to share.

One important thing here is that you should know that you might use one or two sentences from the passage but you have to read the complete passage to understand it. You cannot select sentences related to your topic randomly. You have to interpret the meaning and check the background of the passage then only use it in your essay. An incomplete understanding of sources can make your essay confusing or illogical.

Note Down Important Points

When you start reading your passage it is better to highlight main points. You can use a highlighter if you are reading a book, newspaper, or magazine. Else you have to note it down on a piece of paper. You can make outline or bullet points for the passage so that after reading it again you will be more clear with the meaning of the passage. When I had to write essay for me, I always tried to write important points because it shapes the correct structure of the essay in mind and writing becomes easier. You should also try this as it is scientifically proven that students learn through writing fastly.

Write the Passage

So you are cleared with the passage and noted down the main points, now it’s time to write. Close the passage or source and recall the information in your mind then start writing without looking at the passage. After paraphrasing, the information, open the passage and read it again to check whether your sentences are making the same sense or presenting the same meaning. If your words are confusing then rewrite it until it shows the same meaning.

Also, check the sentence structure and word selection to match it with the remaining detail of the essay. It is crucial because the tone and language of the essay should be the same throughout your essay. In case you are confused and need help, ask a paper writing service to do it for you.

Add References

After completing the paraphrasing it is necessary to give credit to the original work. For this purpose, references and in-text citations have to be added to the essay. Choose an appropriate format and make citations. After completing your essay create a reference page and add all the sources that you have used for your essay. It is important for the credibility of your essay. You can always consult an essay writing service to cite your sources properly.

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