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Literary or rhetorical devices are used to describe an image or situation vividly. These are some powerful devices that one can use to make their writing interesting. These devices have been searched for and developed through a long period of time by the speechwriters to make the speeches as effective and impactful as it can be. These techniques also make the speech more beautiful and more pleasurable. But you can’t use these devices just for your speeches. You can also incorporate these techniques in your presentations or even one on one conversation in order to make it sound more interesting and pleasing to listen to.

In simple terms, these techniques are nuts and bolt of speech and improve communication with the audience. To make the best use of rhetorical devices, you need to incorporate them into your speech correctly. No doubt that speech writing is a difficult task as you have this pressure to make a good impression on the audience and leave them with few takeaways. Following literary devices will help you achieve this goal or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

  1. 1. Alliteration

    Use of phrases in which nearby words start with the same letter or have the same sound. This is a sound-based device that makes the speech sound more pleasant.

  2. 2. Anaphora

    Repeating words or phrases at the beginning of sentences and successive clauses. Repetition is a powerful technique you can use to stress or emphasize. Repeating words in your speech will help your audience to make connections between different parts of your speech.

  3. 3. Metaphor

    Comparing two things that are apparently very different from each other. For example when you say “life is a rollercoaster” you are comparing “life” with a completely different and unconnected thing i-e “rollercoaster”. Using metaphors in your speech makes it interesting as it provokes curiosity in the audience that how the two things you have compared are connected.

  4. 4. Irony

    Using words where the intended or underlying meanings are different from the actual or surface meaning. You can use this literary technique when there is a contrast between expectations and reality.

  5. 5. Anadiplosis

    A technique when the last word or phrase of a sentence is repeated to start the next sentence or clause. You can use this device to bring the attention of your audience to a particular thing or idea.

  6. 6. Simile

    It is just like using metaphors but an essay writer has to use words “as” or “like” when comparing to dissimilar things.

  7. 7. Amplification

    This is a device that you can use to increase the understandability and worth of a sentence by adding more information to clarify your point. Use it when you think a sentence is abrupt or is not conveying the desired implications. The main purpose you have to achieve through this technique is bringing the attention of the audience to an idea that they can miss otherwise.

    There are also other such techniques or devices that you can use to enhance your speech. These techniques are often the essence of the speech and help you in communicating effectively. Try injecting them in the next speech you are going to write but if you are still confused and unable to use these devices correctly then you must take help from online forums.

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