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Imagine you have written an essay after doing a lot of hard work and putting in all your efforts. Now imagine if someone stole the data from your essay or the idea that you have discussed in your essay without giving you credit or seeking permission. How will you feel? Obviously, you feel betrayed and become furious.

Similarly, if you are the one who has taken data from any primary source for your essay and didn’t give credit to the author then you become guilty of plagiarism. Most of the educational institutes even expel the students who are guilty of submitting plagiarized work whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Will you let your grades slip away because of something that you can totally avoid? Of course. So, if an essay writer wants to know the tips and tricks to make your content plagiarism free then follow the tips below.

Don’t rush

Let’s be honest. Essay writing is a daunting task and requires a lot of time and effort. Many students waste their time procrastinating and thinking if there is someone out there who can write my essay for me so I won’t have to worry about doing extensive research. While many students forget the deadline or start writing an essay when the deadline is near and therefore copy-paste the content from the sources and end up submitting plagiarized content.

The first tip to avoid plagiarism is to manage your deadlines and start the writing process a little early. It will give you plenty of time to complete your essay.

Grasp the main idea

When you want to take data from the source the best way is to read the text and then understand the nitty-gritty of the idea behind the content. Once you are done grasping the idea, write down the content in your own words.

Remember! Try to be precise and to the point. Don’t add anything from yourself rather stick to the main idea of the content.

Rephrase smartly

If you want to add data that you can’t write in your own words or you are worried that by writing it in your words can change the idea behind the content, then your only option is to rephrase. You can rephrase by simply using synonyms but make sure that you don’t overuse them. When rephrasing, read your text again so that you won’t end up with jumbled up ideas.

Not sure how to rephrase? Take help from an essay writing service online and their writers help you craft an essay in no time. Share your professor’s instructions with them and then wait till you receive your non-plagiarized essay without grammatical mistakes.

Isn’t that amazing? so give it a shot.

Wanna add quotes? No worries

Using direct quotes can lead to plagiarism but don’t worry you can avoid this as well. The first main thing while using quotes is to make sure that you are citing it properly. You need to mention the author’s last name along with page number or year of publication of article or book as per the required format.

The second thing you have to do to avoid plagiarism is to use quotes that aren’t too long. Also, in your essay, the readers want to learn about your perspective and analysis rather than reading quotes. So use them wisely.

Citing the sources

Usually, students provide the list of the references they have used in their essays at the end of the essay and believe that they have given credit to the author. This is a wrong practice. Along with the references you are required to cite the sources as well.

All you have to do is cite the source by using the author’s last name and the year of publication of the book or paper or even you can use page number from where you have taken the data.

If you are confused about citing the sources, consult a write my paper service now.

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