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The academic period is full of academic challenges and students often face difficulty completing all assignments on time. It is one of the reasons that completing a thesis is a complex task to perform. While essay writing online you have to take care of certain principles that you have studied in research methodology. Studying a subject is one thing while applying its principles and techniques is all the way a different job.

There is a certain format to follow for the research essay, argumentative essay, dissertation, final thesis, and any other essay. Professors expect you to know all the principles and apply those while writing a document. The irony is you have to go through all principles every time you want to write a certain paper, and that can seem like a hassle. For your ease, I am writing down a simple guide for thesis format which an essay writer takes help from. The format is detailed. You just need to go through it once before you start writing your thesis.

Simple formatting steps for your thesis:

File format, size and page size

You would write your thesis in MS word but before your final submission converts it into pdf. The size of your thesis should not exceed 256mb. For page use Legal A4 paper size in the case of US Letter. Your landscape should be 8.5*11 inches in width and 11*17 inches in length.


You can use font style Times New Roman with a recommended 12 size. You can also use Arial with 11 sizes which are recommended for SFU thesis. You can also select a certain type of thesis format from MS Office settings.

Line Spacing

Spacing between the lines varies depending upon your format. It can be 1.5 to 2 points for text followed by a single space block quotation.

Page Margin

Your page margin should be 1.25 inches from left and right and 1'' from top and bottom.


Every page should be numbered excluding your title page. The location of page number may vary from top to bottom or wherever you like. If you have included a proposal in your thesis then those pages would be numbered in Roman numerals. For clarity see some online samples of the thesis statement.

Citation style

There are several citation styles that you can follow with each having a unique method of headings and references. You can go through different styles and decide one of them but try only to follow one method rather than mixing two.

Thesis language

If you are writing a thesis, then your supporting documentation must be in English. It is a compulsory requirement in some universities.

Structure to follow for a proposal

Remember that you cannot go through random ideas in your thesis rather you have to follow the proper sequence which is given below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Statement of Problem
  3. Proper Background
  4. Purpose of Research
  5. Significance of the Study
  6. Method of Research
  7. Literature Review
  8. A clear Hypothesis
  9. Research Assumptions
  10. Scope and Limitation of Research
  11. Explain the procedure

Writing plan for Thesis

Your writing plan is important and it should be in a sequence. It is essential to follow the proper sequence for your proposal but it can vary for your final thesis so make sure that you follow the given order below. You can also buy essay online to get it done.

  1. Outline
  2. Add visuals: charts or tables
  3. Describe research methodology
  4. Explanation your data
  5. Make a good conclusion from your data
  6. Introduction
  7. Abstract
  8. References

These are some simple steps that you can follow for your proposal and final thesis. If you do not feel confident, then there are some other means too by which you can write a well-researched proposal. Many students hire a professional ‘ write my paper for me’ service to fix and refine their proposal. Such services have hundreds of professional writers working round the clock to tutor struggling students.

I am sure if you hire a cheapest essay writing service you would not regret it. If you need any change in your paper, all you need to do is to request a free revision until you are satisfied.

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