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As a student, you must have to complete different types of writing assignments as a part of different courses. Compare and contrast essay is something which all of us have come across as it is a very common kind of essay assignment given by the high school and college teachers. The main purpose of these essays is for you to get engaged in critical thinking, make connections between ideas or texts, and not just write a mere description of things. While writing a compare and contrast essay, you identify and analyze two different subjects.

Even though comparative thinking is one of our most natural thoughts and is important to learn, many of us find it difficult to put our thoughts on paper with cohesion and clarity and may not be able to do well on a compare and contrast essay writing assignment by failing to achieve the whole purpose of such kind of essay. You may start off with these easy tips which can help you in writing a winning compare/contrast essay.

Choose your topics

Most of the time you get the topic of your essay assigned to you by your professor. But if your professor has left it on you to choose the topic by yourself then you need to select the topics carefully. Your topics should be worth the spotlight of differences and similarities.

While choosing the topics for your essay you should keep in mind that the two topics must be different but still fall under the same umbrella. For example, if you are going to compare and contrast artists then you should make sure that the two personalities you are choosing must be in the same field. Pair two poets rather than a poet and a play writer.

Make lists

After you have chosen your topics, the next step is to make two different lists, one of the similarities and the other for the difference. You need to focus on the important characteristics of the two subjects that are either shared or the opposite. Drawing a Venn diagram can be helpful in listing the characteristics. Write the differences on each side of the two circles and similarities in the overlapping space. A point by point list makes it easier to sustain balance and helps you in creating strong arguments.


There are a number of ways to organize your compare and contrast essay. You can choose to write about one subject first and then switch to the other. For example, if you are writing about two painters then you can write about the qualities of one painter in two or more paragraphs along with the qualities they share with the other painter.

Then in the next section, you can focus on the qualities of the other painter. The other possibility for organizing your essay can be going point by point. Each paragraph of your essay either discusses the similarities of either subject or differences between them.

Supporting evidence

It is very important for you to support the assertions you make in your essay with the help of strong evidence. For this purpose, you can state stats, facts, expert opinion and you can also write your personal experience if it is relevant. The supporting evidence will make your arguments strong and your essay authentic.

Use transitional words

The use of such words can help you in producing a compare and contrast essay as it creates a nice drift in the essay when you move from one statement to another. You can use words like both, similarly, and likewise, while you are comparing the subject. Similarly, use the words like, on the contrary, whereas, and however, etc are ideal while contrasting.

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