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The purpose of literary analysis is to study a piece of writing in-depth, interpret the meaning and aim of it while exploring the author’s writing style. You can analyze any piece of writing like a play, short story, poem, novel, or such. While this task can be interesting, it is certainly not easy. The most important thing to consider here is that an essay based on literary analysis uses an analytical strategy instead of summarizing the piece of writing. Some easy steps are discussed below, which you can use to compose an essay that is based on literary analysis.

  1. Picking a topic
  2. As stated before, the topic of the essay can be any type of writing. If you have not been assigned any topic from the instructor, it is better to pick a topic or discipline that interests you. It is because you are more likely to write a fascinating essay in this way. Or you can pick a piece of writing which you have studied before.

  3. Read and Understand
  4. There is a wide range of literature and the writing style of every author is different. so you cannot imply the same thing for all the authors or all the writings. For this season you must first read thoroughly and understand the text completely. This process gives specific attention to the elements which are surprising, intriguing, or confusing. You can build your essay around these elements. Analyze the writing so you can discuss how it impacts the readers from different perspectives.

  5. Find Literary Devices
  6. As you go through the writing, look out for the various literary devices used by the author in order to give the text meaning, and create influence on the reader. Discuss some of the literary devices in order to help you with the literary analysis essay. First of all, consider the kind of words used by the author and the sentence structure as well. You can interpret a lot from the language and style used by the author. See whether sentences are simple and short for are poetic and complex. Also, look for the metaphor, similes, imagery, and such type of symbolism techniques used. Another important thing to consider is the tone of the text if it is tragic, fantastical, realistic or so. The structure of the text can also say a lot about the author’s writing style.

  7. Forming a Thesis
  8. Now that you are done with the research, the next step is to form a concise yet well-defined thesis statement. This helps the reader understand what you are going to offer in the essay. If I were to write my essay, I would first answer the questions like my purpose of writing the essay, the significance of writing, and its analysis and outcome of the writing. This helps to build a firm thesis statement which is impressive as well as easy to understand.

  9. Support with Evidence
  10. Now that you are ready to analyze the essay, you must gather all the textual evidence of your claims to support them effectively. This is one crucial step but many students forget even though their essays are quite impressive. You can get the evidence from the writing you selected on other writings in order to prove your point. If you are using quotations, ensure that you use the proper format.

Another mistake that more students make when composing various sorts of essays. Like other essays, the conclusion plays an important role in this type too. Thus, make sure that your conclusion leaves the reader thinking about the writing and your claims rather than confused or bored. Get it proofread from a professional essay writer as well to remove any grammatical or punctuation errors.

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