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One of the major concerns and critical problems today in writing an acceptable and authentic academic or professional assignment is to avoid Plagiarism. It is considered as an illegitimate practice owing to the unauthentic use of others’ work and ideas into one’s own assignment. Today, highly advanced tools are utilized to check plagiarism and credibility of any written work whether it is originally produced or copied by the essay writer.

To avoid plagiarism or similarity in any written assignment, one must first understand what plagiarism really is. According to the definition given by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, plagiarism is the practice of passing off and stealing others’ ideas. It not only means to copy and paste some extracts or complete work from someone else’s work but it also denotes to alter the vocabulary and words merely to present the same theme, idea, and knowledge in one’s work that others have originally written. Plagiarism is an unethical and illegal activity that not only ruins one’s performance and progress by affecting the learning progress but it also destroys a person’s personal rapport.

This blog will shed light on various ways, tools, and techniques of paraphrasing on how one can avoid plagiarism easily to increase the credibility, originality, and worth of one’s written assignment or you can ask others to write my essay.

Paraphrasing Tricks and Techniques

Fully Understanding a Source

Sometimes, it becomes inevitable to use resources and references in writing an assignment. But merely restating the same ideas used in the resource will land you with a lot of plagiarism if resources weren’t cited proving your work to be an illegitimate one. Paraphrasing can doubtlessly help to avoid plagiarism but for this, you must first completely understand the stance and essence of the source material. Read each and everything in the source material carefully and closely. Try to comprehend all the relevant and critical points and ideas in the source. Once you completely understand a source, it will give you an idea wherein the source material you can pick something to paraphrase and use in your college essay assignment avoiding any plagiarism. Without understanding a source text you’ll produce plagiarized work.

Change the Sentence Structure

The modern plagiarism checkers work on the principle of artificial intelligence and they pick plagiarism and similarity in a written material based on the sentence structure. There are generally similar sentence structures found in assignments as they are written in formal styles. However, there are always differences in people in the ways of writing, responding, and commenting upon something. Using your own and unique sentence structure is the best way of dealing with the problem of “how to avoid plagiarism” in a written assignment whether it is an academic or a professional one. Everyone has his/her unique way of conveying different ideas which are identified in plagiarism checkers. After you have completely understood the source content, you should use a different and unique sentence structure to the original source content. Also, never convey the ideas in the same sequence and pattern as the source uses. Your unique sentence structure should convey the core and essence of the ideas in different words and patterns.

Changing the Voice (Active/Passive)

Another effective practice to be used in paraphrasing for avoiding plagiarism is to change the voice of the sentences picked from the source content. When paraphrasing source content, never follow the same pattern and sequence of producing ideas with merely changing the voice. Change of voice should be deployed in producing a different sentence and grammatical structure to avoid plagiarism. If the original content is written in “active or passive”, you may change it to active or passive, vice-versa accordingly.

Change of Vocabulary

When rephrasing or paraphrasing source content, it is essential to consider using different vocabulary or diction to that of the original content. Some people consider using synonyms of the original words which is also an effective way of rephrasing or paraphrasing. However, it can still land you with high plagiarism if you only use synonyms of different vocabulary but the sentence structure and conveying style remain the same. While using altered vocabulary or synonyms, it must also be kept in mind that you are using a different and unique sentence structure that will be entirely your own and not a copied one. If you need any further help, hire an essay writing service now.

Change of Phrases and Clauses

One of the most effective and useful tricks that can help you avoid plagiarism while paraphrasing source content is to change phrases and clauses. It works amazingly well and produces unique content for you. It functions in two different ways. First, you can change phrases into clauses and vice-versa; and second is to replace phrases and clauses with new, different, and unique ones. Using different phrases and clauses helps you convey similar ideas and meanings but in different and unique ways which will not turn to plagiarized ones.

Changing of Parts of Speech

It is another useful practice to change the parts of speech used in the original source content when paraphrasing it. It doesn’t mean to entirely replace the parts of speech with such ones that cannot convey the desired meaning or sense. Changing parts of speech should be deployed in accordance with changing sentence structure and vocabulary as well as changing the phrases and clauses. Simply and only changing the parts of speech letting the rest of the words be the same as the original content will come up with a high plagiarism and similarity index. Therefore, the practice of changing parts of speech should be deployed when altering the sentence structure, vocabulary, phrases, and clauses, etc.

Breaking the Information or Source

When paraphrasing or rephrasing source content, you do not need to alter the entire message of the source and produce it in your assignment. Instead, a reasonable and appropriate method would be breaking the information into halves and considering only ones with high importance and relevance. Then, blend the picked halves with your own knowledge and information.

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