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Is college life amazing? Yes, it is, but is academic writing fun? No, it is not! You might find it difficult to follow all the rules involved in writing specific pieces of academic writing. When you have completed an essay, you must insert credible sources as evidence. You add a detailed bibliography at the end of your paper to inform the reader about the details of your sources and their relevance to your paper. You can also ask an essay writing service to complete it for you.


A detailed bibliography can be required by your instructor, at the end of your academic paper. To start this annotated bibliography, the first thing that you must do is make sure that all the sources have been cited in the required format. After that, compile all the sources in one place, for example, open all the websites in one window. Now you are ready to construct the perfect bibliography.


  1. 1. Ensure proper formatting:
    • Start on a fresh new page.
    • Add the heading of the bibliography on the top.
    • Properly double or single space as required by the paper format
    • Place your reference in the correct format and start writing the summary of the paper below
  2. 2. Author details:

    Who are the authors of the source that you used? What year was the work published and who published it? What are the authors’ qualifications, and who is their target audience? By answering these questions, you make the reader realize that the source is authentic and useful. All of this should be done in 2 to 3 sentences.

  3. 3. Brief summary:

    You need to analyze 2 portions of the work. Firstly, read the abstract and then read the conclusion. You will thus get a basic idea of the report. Mention the purpose, methodology, and findings of the work. All of this should take around 100 words.

  4. 4. Relate:

    Now it's time to tell the reader of your work why you chose the particular source. Explain how your work benefits from this source. In what part of your work does this source help you? This part should take around 3 to 4 sentences.

  5. 5. Limitations:

    Finally, discuss any weaknesses in the paper. How is it slightly different from your paper's purpose? Critically analyze it. Is the methodology obsolete? Mention it.

If you rightly follow this guideline, your detailed bibliography will be done within no time. If there are multiple assignments to do and all of this still seems confusing to you, there’s another solution: Hire a free essay writer online. This writer will proofread your rough bibliography. These workers may also write up the whole bibliography themselves if they are paid.

Online help vs following the guideline Example :

For those who cannot afford online help, re-read the whole 5 mentioned steps in detail. If you still wish that others should “write my essay” just visit academic writing request websites. To completely understand the guidelines, an example of a bibliography citation is given in APA style. Suppose that you were to write an argumentative essay on the effects of school dress code on students, a research article that claimed that 90% of students oppose adhering to a boring ill-fashioned uniform would be very helpful to your argument.

Doe, J. (1998). School Uniform. Journal of education, 30(2), 212-220.

This research article is written by Professor John Doe, a professor of education at Brooklyn College in the year 1998. It was published in the journal of education for the general public. The article discusses the opinions of 1500 students regarding school uniforms. *Add summary of the paper* This work is important to my paper because of * add reasons*. The only problem is that * insert limitations*.


Details of the sources you used may be required at the end of the paper. Writing and ordering a bibliography may be difficult. It is better to get help from online writers if there’s a deadline. By following the mentioned guidelines, you will be able to draft a well-written bibliography. Lastly, you can always get help from the expert writers at a paper writing service.

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