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Businesses have to inform the outside world about the events taking place within their business arena. Sometimes, they have to clear their position on a certain issue. All these issues can be communicated by releasing a statement in the press. To increase the reach of these released statements, companies can use various social media platforms. In the following lines, we will take a look at how to write such a statement for social media.

The statement has several important parts starting with a catchy headline of the statement. This headline should be able to attract a large number of people towards the product involved in the process. You can alter the headline of the press release according to its purpose. The statement may be made to clarify the company’s position related to some particular incident. In all cases, the headline should contain some keywords that can attract the audience in reading through the whole story.


The summary of the whole scenario will be provided in bullets form at the start of the statement. This will give the audience a clear idea of what to expect in the statement. It has to be noted that social media comprises a variety of audiences and readers. So the material should be generalized enough to cater to these differences.


The subsequent paragraphs will provide the relevant details for the summary points. An example can be given regarding the statements provided by the companies regarding work from home during the present covid 19 situations. Since it is a worldwide issue and most of the businesses have active social media pages, it is the right media to use for the release. We will illustrate how this particular statement was made.


The headline stated the work routines during the covid 19 pandemics. This will communicate to the workers and the general public about the purpose of this statement. The date of release will be 15/3/2020. It may also be mentioned with the date that the orders are immediately applicable to all the offices concerned. There should be some contact information for the people who have any queries. The statement is also meant for the people from the press so there should be the name and contact of the focal person from the company.

The summary points may state all the steps taken by the company. The company can take the services of an essay writer to write the whole statement because they are good at making summary and expanding on some points. The first point may include the departments which will be working from home. The second point may specify the people who will be coming to the office. The third point may summarize the standing operating procedures to be followed by the employees working in the office. To involve a larger number of people, the last summary point may include the general safety precautions that have to be followed by the public.

The first paragraph of the details will include the roles and duties of the people who will be working from home. These details will allow the customers to know what to expect from these employees in terms of service and other aspects. The second paragraph of details will include the roles, responsibilities, and precautions for the people coming to the office. These precautions may include the distancing, handwashing, and other related advice.

The last part of the release may ask the people to share this statement with others in the public interest. This may become a source of improving the social image of the company.

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