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Becoming a great debater is not an easy task. All an essay writer needs to do is a lot of practice as public speaking as it is an art that can be mastered only by practicing. Thus, whenever you are supposed to speak in front of a humongous crowd, just stand in front of a mirror and practice. This is the very basic thing by which you can build confidence for speaking.

But remember one thing! Speaking skills are not enough for winning a debate. It wasn’t Obama’s charismatic smile or personality, but the words and content of his DNC speech that influenced Americans.

No matter how great an orator you are, you need words to play with and arguments to persuade. This article wouldn’t teach how you should speak while you are on a stage, but will provide you with something more important, more lethal, more beneficial; debate writing hacks.

So, let’s move on to the debate writing hacks.

Firstly, there are a few basic points to always keep track of:

  1. The formatting: Usually the person in your team introducing your side's points is the most important. If it is not a team debate, then the introduction is the place to define your scope.
  2. Timing: Practically every debate is timed. Keep track of your time to know how much you can say and how much you can support it.
  3. Defense to your scope: As said in point one, defining your scope is important. Too broad and it will be easy to attack. Too narrow and you risk not creating a strong enough statement.
  4. Opponent’s content: Know your opponent's content and know their style of speech. Plenty of times teams will create flaws in their arguments based on technicalities. Point out these flaws quickly and continue making your own arguments whilst they spend time covering their earlier mistakes.

Some other debate tips and tricks you should take care of while writing are:

  1. Make a roadmap: Roadmap your arguments at the beginning of your speech (“I have three arguments, 1. The economy, 2. The constitution, …etc.); signpost your arguments as you come to them (“and now my second argument, the constitution prohibits this”) and summarizes your arguments at the end of your speech. Unlike an essay, the audience/judge can’t go back over what you’ve said.
  2. Avoid over-extrapolating: Most fallacies aren't particularly helpful, given that people intrinsically sense. Usually, it’s a failure to see nuance or to see history lessons (or to over-extrapolate examples which don't fit).
  3. Keep a buffer for counter-arguments: There are possibilities when the contestants may be allowed to witness the speeches of other members. If this happens keep a certain buffer time where you can knit pick certain points and rebut them in your argument. Even if you are not allowed to listen to the others’ arguments, you should be able to come with counter questions to your own arguments and should you address them as well.
  4. Introduction: Start your debate with quote, dialogue/conversation, or a funny fact relating to Topic.
  5. Main Body: In the main body, you can use the following to make your argument persuasive.
    1. Definitions
    2. Applications
    3. Pros and cons
    4. Constructive criticism
    5. Addressing issues that connect to the audience's daily life.
  6. Conclusion: While writing a conclusion you can add the following:
    1. Summary
    2. Optimistic Note
    3. A conclusion of a story that relates your topic
    4. View of personalities like Mandela, Lincoln, Tesla, Einstein, etc

Following the above simple tricks, will help you write a persuasive debate and earn yourself pride in debaters. However, if you don’t want to risk losing your argument on stage, I advise you to take help from online an essay writing service.

Good Luck with the competition ahead!

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