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None of us must have been spared the experience of writing essays. It cannot be denied that writing an essay is a good practice. It not only improves your comprehension and writing expression but your grammar and style. There are many types of essays that students have to familiarize themselves with.

One type of essay is a reflective essay. The basic meaning of the word essay is to make an attempt. So in a reflective essay, you make an attempt to reflect on a subject. It could be an event, an idea, a speech, or even an artwork. Being an essay writer, you would know that in a reflective essay you reflect on the basis of your personal point of you. This is the reason why most students like writing reflective essays.


Make an outline.

Students mistakenly believe that an outline might not be as important in a reflective essay as it is for other types of essays. That is why they commit mistakes while they plan and organize their essay. This makes their essay unorganized and very incoherent. Some sections are overlapping. Other sections are unnecessary and some sections end up becoming quite disproportionate as compared to other essays.

The thesis statement is still important.

Like the outline, the thesis statement is equally important. For a reflective essay, your thesis statement must contain the basic arguments that you are about to make. The major points of discussion are the essential part of your thesis statement because they align your essay and keep it coherent. Many students find it challenging to devise a thesis statement which is why they pay a paper writing service to write for them. This might not be necessary at all. Just make sure that you mention in your thesis statement the points that you will discuss in your essay.

Do some research.

You cannot be an expert on everything that you review. Yes, a reflective essay demands you to provide your reflection but you may be mistaken in understanding your subject. In order to write a good reflective essay, you must do some quick internet research and see general details about the subject of your reflection. Also, look into other people’s reflections about the topic so that you can develop your own argument but make sure not to copy other’s arguments.


Don’t Make biased judgments.

Yes, it is a reflective essay but you are an educated person, and you should show some responsibility. When writing a reflective essay, you are not required only to write how much you liked or disliked a particular issue. You have to make sound judgments that have some rational grounds. Don’t fire your bows in the air. Make sound logical judgments that are beyond your bias and that can convince your reader.

Don’t rephrase.

You do not have to summarize and rephrase the source that you are reflecting upon. You have to reflect and present your argument. Then you can add specific details from the original source to support your claim otherwise it is not important to describe and rewrite again. You only have to add minute details from the original source that are enough to explain your point of view.

Don’t add too little or too many details.

This is another problem commonly seen in writing reflection essays. Since students do not plan and organize their essays well. They either end up adding very few details that are not enough to substantiate their claim. Or they add so many details that make a reader lose interest in your essay. Since you are writing a reflective essay you have to include your reflections with just the right amount of details from the source that you are reflecting upon.

Keep these do's and don'ts in mind when writing a reflective essay. You can also get professional write my paper help from experts by simply placing your ‘write essay for me’ request on their website.

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