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Narrative essays are meant to tell a story to the readers. This story usually involves a personal experience explained. Just like any other form of essay, the outline of a narrative essay provides the guidelines for the writer. The writer does not stray away from the main point. Let's take a look at the dos and don'ts for developing an outline for a narrative essay.


To start the introduction with a hook statement to engage the reader from the very beginning. This will set the scene for the reader about the whole story. Do not write a hook sentence that is too long for the reader to understand. Setting the scene for the story includes the time and important date details. Do not include any data about which you are not sure. If you were an important character of the event, do mention your age and role in the whole scenario. Do not include unnecessary details in this section.

Do not write a formal thesis statement at the end of the introduction. The statement of a narrative essay will include the lesson learned from the story or explaining the importance of the event for the writer. An example of a good thesis statement for a narrative essay is the following:

“I will never go on a safari trip alone”. This statement shows some kind of lesson learned by the essay writer.


The body section of the outline should precisely describe the events in the order of happening. The writer should not tell the reader about the different happenings rather they should show the writer what is happening. Do not write the paragraphs as independent pieces of writing. The writer should use the transition words to make sure that all the body paragraphs are connected.

Another important consideration is that the writer should keep the same sequence in all body paragraphs. The outline should include the topic sentence of each paragraph and the points which have to be discussed in the form of bullet points. The writer should not include any extra details in the outline.

Another important aspect is the repetition of events. The writer should come up with fresh details in each paragraph so that the reader does not get bored. The body of a narrative essay outline should provide a flow for the writer when the essay is written. It will be possible only when the writer organizes all the material according to a sequence.

By the thesis statement provided in the introduction section, the writer should include the problems faced during the trip. The topic statement of one body paragraph could be that the person had to do all the things on his own and there was no one to help. Similarly, the sense of fear can also be used as a topic sentence of one body paragraph.


The conclusion section will require the writer to wrap up the whole story. In the outline, the writer should provide comments and reflections very briefly. Do not write any details in this section of the outline. Similarly, the writer should not repeat any part of the body paragraphs here. The bullet points should be used to reflect on the lessons learned from the body paragraphs. Continuing with the example, the lesson from one paragraph can be that a group of people will go on the trip next time.

The last part of the conclusion should comment on the lessons which other people can learn from the essay. The outline will provide two or three bullet points in this regard.

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