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Even though the word essay may be common among all of the various types, yet that does not mean that every other aspect may be common. Once a reader reads a passage from an essay, the wordings speak for themselves which shows that every essay has a distinctive representation style. So how about we look at some distinctive features of the various, rather common, essay types.

Narrative Essay

Here, the writer has to tell stories about your life and may end with a moral or an element of learning. A narrative essay is just that as it speaks from your experiences and life. You might want to explain certain aspects through the phases that you passed through life.

Moreover, a narrative essay is full of examples and even quotes from your own life and it connects these to the topic. It could either solely be about yourself or in combination with some other topic. You could involve humor but only according to the situation. It is rather personal where you communicate with the reader. Clarity is the key to such essays.

Persuasive Essay

“Mom! Dad! I want the new PlayStation as I deserve it after getting good marks” A sentence many young ones might be familiar with but the technique you are using is persuasion and that is exactly what persuasive essay involves. You believe in something and you gather all the essential facts regarding that topic. Now, it is up to you to use your wording to cause a change in the mindset of those who might oppose you. Authoritative language is the key because you must be sure of what you are saying. Rhetorics play a vital role as you try to convince readers through logic, emotions, and ethics. A little confused on how to put your persuasion in words? You can get the essential help from a legit essay writing service that masters in the craft of essay writing. The experts know how to handle such tasks and deliver the best stuff to you. Seek and you will find the best.

Argumentative Essay

“No! Video Games are not the reason for my distraction at family dinner”. Ah Yes! Arguing to save video games as your main hobby. Well, why not put this in words and try to convince others what you say is right. Others might hold a different opinion so you must have the essential facts and figures ready to take them by surprise. It is common that there are two or more sides to everything. You have to pick one that you think is best for you and using an authoritative tone, convince others. An expert essay writer knows how to use the right words and techniques at the optimal time. The words matter a lot here and backing the details with examples is a must. You must confront and prove the other side wrong as well.

Cause and Effect Essay

“I prepared well and got an A grade”. Well, the effect was the grade and cause was your hard work. Everything happens due to some reason and it is up to you to delve deep into what might be behind it all. Uncover every detail and make sure you have the essential backing of research to prove it. As research is paramount here because it gives you a deep look into all possible angles. Add as much information as possible objectively as there is no right or wrong side. You just have to explain in depth about certain phenomena with essential details.

It is not rocket science. Instead, just some rules to succeed in whatever assignment may demand. Why not remember these and implement them at the right time.

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