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Learning English can be tough especially for someone who is not the first language. This is the reason that ESL students repeat almost the same mistake. Even with these mistakes, the ESL students can still communicate with others but when it comes to writing a technical English essay, they suffer the loss of grades. It is not like ESL students do not try but yet they face some difficulties due to lack of practice. Here in this article, some of the difficulties, which ESL students face when writing a technical English essay, are discussed. Not only the difficulties are stated but the solutions are also suggested.

  1. 1. Using incorrect tenses

    Learning tenses is tough not only for ESL students but for the natives as well. Other than the simple tenses, the other types like perfect tenses and continuous tenses can be tricky.

    Many times the students miss they are referring to something which has already happened in the past at a certain time. They use the Present Perfect tense instead of using the simple past tense. Sometimes, the issue can be remembering the correct form of the verb which suits a specific tense. In this case, the regular and irregular verbs confuse them as well. There are many exercises available online which you can use to practice the use of tense. Another tip can be to go through some basic reading materials and note how an essay writer uses the tenses. This can be only helped with a lot of practice.

  2. 2. Using incorrect propositions

    What can be tricky other than the tenses? Prepositions. Even though choosing prepositions seems easy but underestimating their correct use can be a big mistake. It is one of the most common mistakes made by ESL students. For instance, you might think writing that I am a student at Oxford University is correct, but actually instead of ‘of’, you should write ‘at’. In order to avoid the wrong use of prepositions, you should first understand which preposition is to be used when. For instance, ‘at’ is suitable for time (e.g. midnight) while ‘on’ is suitable for a specific date (e.g. October, 09). In case you need help, ask an essay writing service to assist you professionally. In case you need help, ask an essay writing service to assist you professionally.

  3. 3. Forgetting to use Articles or forgetting them

    One of the biggest difficulties is that ESL students are not as intuitive to guess if there’s something missing. They usually translate a sentence from their language to English to write. For that reason, they sometimes miss the articles. However, sometimes in order not to miss an article, they use it everywhere. Learn the rules of using the articles. Then practice it repeatedly. Also, proofread your document when submitting the essay.

    These were some of the common grammatical difficulties which an ESL student faces when writing a technical English essay that demands perfect sentence structure. I asked an experienced writing service provider to write essay for me online, who offered me free proofreading and editing. So if you feel troubled you can do that too. Now let’s take a look at some other types of difficulties.

  4. 4. Plagiarising

    While writing a technical English essay, you must be consulting various sources. Now using the data from those sources can lead to plagiarism if you do not paraphrase it properly. This actually happens more often to the ESL students. The best approach here is to read the data and then write what you understand.

  5. 5. Poor choice of words

    The language is composed of words and one learns the language with practice and exposure. Initially, you will not be able to choose the words but if you read a lot you can improve your vocabulary significantly.

    Learning a language takes time and mastering it takes even more. You need to make sure that you keep practicing it and never give up. With these solutions, you can learn the language better and even excel at it. If you are confused, get help from a paper writing service now.

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