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Debates play a vital role in human learning whether you are at the academic stage or in professional life. From a high school student to the presidential candidate all know the importance of debate. The parties involved in debates show their knowledge, ability to present the argument, and shatter the opposing argument in minutes. An essay writer may have witnessed some debates throughout your life; if you did not take part in any of them then you do not know the struggle that goes behind it.

Arguing is just one thing but presenting it convincingly is altogether a different phenomenon. Debates have their unique significance at every stage a person cannot become the president without winning debates. That is why, before American elections, both candidates go through the rigorous of answer and question sessions to countless audiences. There are different types of debate which institutions organize. All have separate significance, methods to conduct, and a completely different outcome. For your knowledge, I am writing down types and holding methods of debates.

Types of debates

Moderated Debates

Both participants start this debate with the help of a moderator who asks them to choose their position. It is a moderator job to keep the debate ethical and do not lose track of time. Debaters have the time of 90 seconds to present their argument the moderator directs the other to respond; it is also called a rebuttal. At the end of the debate, moderate may include some questions from the audience related to the topic.

Town Hall Debates

Usually, politicians use this type when they run for the higher officer. A moderator walks among the audience and takes questions for the debater. Then the debater answers the questions one by one. A moderator may also include questions that people ask via digital platforms. Each debater has a certain time to respond to questions. In this type, the audience remains actively involved in the debate.


This type got famous when Abraham Lincoln was competing with Stephen Douglas for Senate candidacy in 1858. It typically lasts for 40 to 45 minutes where both debaters have 6-7 minutes each for cross-examination and rebuttal. In this debate, each session lasts for different topics one may devote to domestic policy while others to foreign policy.

How to hold a debate

Know your audience

If you want to conduct a convincing debate then you should know your audience. You should be able to identify their gender and age so that you can deliver a persuasive speech. A question may come from the opponent or debater you have to be prepared for it. Your arguments must be convincing so that you can catch the audience’s attention.

Mind your actions

During the debate, all eyes would be on you so choose your actions and words carefully. Any wrongly uttered word can be catastrophic for your future goals. You should not use negative language about your opponent rather refute his argument with logic. Your non-verbal reactions must be controlled and try not to lean during the debate. One thing is sure in a debate that if you are not speaking then you are being watched by the audience.

Hold your composure

During a debate, anything can pop-up, try not to lose your temper, and remain calm. Do not raise your voice as it would not help anyone but it will harm your status. You can earn more respect by remaining calm and try to express your thoughts without anger. Remember that debate means to win it logically rather than with your anger and try not to get caught up in hate if the opponent attacks you personally, always be professional.

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