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Academic writing is defined as one of the types of writing that have concise structures, a clear and focused stance that is supported by evidence. The aim of such writing is to help readers develop an understanding of the context and the content. Academic writing has a formal tone and style. As such writings are considered to be too critical and research seeking, you can consult a write my essay service to have a guide or get in touch with a professional who can help you. Usually, the goal of academic writing is to analyze readers’ points of view and inform or persuade them. It also helps the readers modify their answers with respect to questions. In addition, academic writing is done to reach a solid conclusion that can help readers understand philosophical and logical ideas and perspectives.

Types of Academic writing

Four major types of academic writing are

  1. Descriptive writing
  2. Analytical writing
  3. Persuasive writing
  4. Critical writing

Each type of writing has its own language features that add to the meaning of classification.

  • Analytical Writing

    It is one of the rarest academic writing essays that is done at the university level. It is important to note that the text of analytical writing is purely descriptive. Analytical academic writing is more like a third-person re-organization and re-identification of the facts and figures so that an exegetical insight is ensured. Some common attributes of this writing are categorization, parts, grouping, and other types. Usually, an essay writer adheres to analysis, defining relationships, compare and contrast,or examining. Few instances of analytical writing are theoretical evaluation, comparison essays, and historical accounts.

  • Critical Writing

    It is one of the most common writing types of academic writing. Critical writing is crucial for graduate and postgraduate writings. In critical academic writing, one has to follow the rules of persuasive writing with the inclusion of several points of view. Critical online essay writing is a major element of thesis and dissertation writing as both of them require adding facts and figures with a distinctive point of view. However, what differentiates critical writing from other writing of research is "adding own say". The keywords of critical academic writing are, "debate”, “agree”, “disagree”, “critiques” and “evaluation”. It is important to note that this writing is one of the strongest of all because it requires a clear and thorough understanding of the topic. Then, a writer is required to develop a stance that is evaluated from the point of view of other writers to reach a significant point of discussion or develop a narration that either supports or defies the prior arguments and ideas.

  • Descriptive Writing

    Some common attributes or elements of descriptive writing are, “identification”, “reporting”, “recording”, “defining”, “summarizing” and “calculating”. The purpose of this type of writing is to help readers know related information and facts. It is more like a summary or description of the subject dealing with all relevant details. Descriptive academic writing includes essays, scientific reports, and summarization.

  • Persuasive Writing

    Persuasive writing is considered to be one step ahead of analytical writing. It has amalgamated features of both descriptive and analytical writing. One of the important features of persuasive academic writing is the inclusion of the “OWN” point of view. A large number of essays are written in a persuasive tone having a discussion and conclusion section.

    Persuasive academic writing is a set of research insights, a collection of data sets, and references, with a detailed discussion of research interpretations. An excellent persuasive academic writing is a clear insight into the development of arguments so that a biased conclusion or stance is made and achieved. If you are confused ask a write my paper service to get it done for you.

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