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Essays can be written in many forms depending on the requirements provided by your instructor. Many essays, at their core, are very similar to each other but there are also some notable differences among them. In the following lines, let us take a look at the differences between a literary analysis essay and an expository essay.

Major idea

A student has to read, understand, and analyze a particular text to write a literary analysis essay. The expository essay will require the essay writer to explore a specific idea, gather the related evidence, and state their point of view on the idea. The main focus of an expository essay is to explain the facts.


The content of the literary analysis essay is decided by the piece of literature which is being analyzed. The requirements of the teacher also guide the students in writing such an essay. An analysis of a poem will be much different as compared to the analysis of a novel. The expository essay is written to describe a particular concept clearly and concisely. If the topic is completed, the writer will have to simplify the things before getting into further details.

The literary analysis will describe the type or genre of the piece of literature whereas an expository essay will start with explaining the chosen topic. The first paragraph of the expository essay will provide the thesis statement.

Similarly, both types of essay will have a thesis statement but their aim will be different. The thesis statement in the literary analysis essay will describe the major theme of the piece of literature. Whereas, in the expository essay, the thesis statement will provide the point of view of the writer on a particular idea or event.

The next part of the literary analysis essay will be the analysis of characters in the novel or the story. The writer for an expository essay will provide the facts and figures in the second section. The analysis of characters will force the writer to refer to the novel or story time and again. The facts and figures presented may or may not be available with the writer in the first place. The writer will have to go through many other sources to come up with figures. There is more room for the inclusion of new ideas in the expository essay as compared to the literary analysis.

The next section of the literary analysis essay will look at the plot and the main theme of the novel of the poem. In this section, the writer can come up with examples from other writings to show the happenings. The expository essay writer will come up with the reasons and examples to justify the point presented in the thesis statement.


The conclusion of an expository essay will describe whether the thesis statement has been justified or not. The examples provided by the writer should emphasize the thesis statement. The writer will be focusing on the facts and figures presented in the previous sections. The examples provided by the writer will keep the whole essay intact. The literary analysis essay will be concluded by restating the whole theme and all characters of the piece of writing. There is ample room for the writer to provide some personal opinion in this form of essay. The personal opinion cannot be included in the expository essay because it is based on some definite event.

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