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As a student, there must be times when you need help with your term papers and essays. You must be reading about various online writing services through ads and recommendations. If you are wondering how to take their help, then you must be aware because many times students become victims to the fake writing services. In your search for essay writing online services which will help you write a perfect paper, don’t fall for the scams. Here are some differences between legit and fake writing services to identify these scams easily.

  1. 1. Company’s website

    Take a look at the website. It will tell you all about the quality of the work that you may receive from it. The simplest way to judge the website is to just look at the grammar. Does the website have a lot of grammatical and spelling errors? Can you spot numerous punctuation mistakes in it? Now you must think that how can a website which claims to write your perfect paper has so many mistakes on its own website? In comparison to this, the quality services do not have any such mistakes on their websites. This difference is a red flag and you must not contact any such website with these types of mistakes.

  2. 2. Reviews and Recommendations

    People who have already taken help from these services can tell you about it. The reviews and recommendations from the customers will reveal the legit nature of the service. Do you find any negative comments and complaints? Some websites also display fake reviews on their websites written by their own essay writer. But you can read and know if they are really true. In addition to this, the websites which do not allow their customers to offer their reviews are doubtful. The difference in reviews and recommendations can help but the most reliable sources can be your friends who have received their papers from these services before.

  3. 3. Different web addresses but same writers

    Some fake companies create several websites using different web addresses. However, when the students fill the forms, they are sent to one same page. In comparison to this, the cheapest essay writing service has unique websites. This can help you identify a bunch of fake services.

  4. 4. A ton of departments

    Many times, the fake websites have complex procedures which involve a number of departments. The owners of these websites use names of the department like the Quality Assurance Department, management of affairs department, billing department. Even though these departments are actually functional and important to business structure, the scammers say a lot about them to keep your work or refund pending.

  5. 5. Email addresses and contact details

    One of the tough but reliable methods to differentiate the scams from legit services is to investigate the email addresses and contact information. There are scamming online services that use the postal addresses of big cities, which are mostly fake. If you doubt the postal address, just google it to know about it. In addition to this, the contact number and email addresses generated by the internet automatically are also a hint. Calling these numbers would either connect you to other locations. You may get the idea by the accent of the customer services but it is still hard to determine through it.

These differences will point out to the fact that either the website you have visited is legit or a scam. In some cases, it may be established by amateurs. But you should not depend on them for your grades. Moreover, never submit your paper for getting plagiarism reports, as these scammers may sell your content to their customers despite assurances.

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