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Analytical essays are written to analyze an event or another piece of writing. These essays are written to provide a detailed description of the work and present some positive or negative conclusions about it. A good analytical essay will revolve around the thesis statement which is usually provided at the end of the introductory part of the essay.

What is a thesis statement?

If you’re unsure about how to write an essay that is analytical and fulfills all the requirements of one, the answer to that is that you begin with a thesis statement. It allows the reader to know about the relative importance of the subject matter under consideration. It also provides readers with an idea of what to expect from the rest of the paper. If the essay is about a particular novel or another piece of writing, the thesis statement should provide some way to understand the topic or the particular piece of writing.

How do we develop a thesis statement?

Developing the thesis requires thorough research related to the topic. When the assignment is handed over to you, the first question will be how to begin? The answer to this question will require the researcher to find various resources related to the topic and analyze them to develop the relevant points.

After thorough research, the essay writer will be able to develop a comprehensive thesis statement. Moreover, you will have to look for the similarities and differences between the available resources. This kind of analysis will help the writer in developing a comprehensive statement.

What makes a strong thesis statement?

The thesis statement is written in the form of a question and the whole essay will be focused on answering the particular question. If some part of the essay does not fit the theme of the essay, the writer should change that part of the essay.

The thesis is not meant to simply present the facts. Instead, it should be presented in a manner that can be supported or opposed by some other researchers. Similarly, it should be very specific in terms of the topic and choice of words. Do not use words like successful or disastrous rather explain to the readers why something is successful or disastrous. Some thesis statements do not describe a proper cause and effect relationship so the readers do not show interest in them.

If the readers come up with a counter-question of “so what?”, it means that the relationship described in the thesis statement has to be modified or refined by the writer. The whole essay should support the thesis statement without wandering away from the topic at any point in time. If for some reason, the thesis statement is not supported by the essay, the writer may make the required changes in the thesis statement to make it more relevant to the whole essay. If the readers respond to the statement with how and why it means it is a strong thesis statement.


One example of a weak thesis statement can be as follows:

There were different reasons for the North and South to take part in the civil war

The reader will ask the question in the form of “how” in response to this thesis statement. It will be better if the writer can alter this statement as:

The civil war was fought in reaction to slavery but moral reasons were used by the North and savage of institutions was the reason for the South.

This statement provides a valid reason for the war and some reasons for both sides to take part in the war. As an essay writing service continues to work with the essay, they will be able to refine these differences later on as stated in the working thesis.

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