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Have you got a narrative essay assignment to write?

A narrative essay is different from other essays. This is one of the most interesting and fascinating types of essays. All you have to do is, share an experience, talk about a memoir, or tell a meaningful story. No fat boring paragraphs of facts and scholarly information.

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What Is a Narrative Essay?

A type of essay that requires you to tell a story, in an interesting yet exciting manner.

Also, we are fond of telling and sharing stories. Remaining within the boundaries of a specific structure and instructions, you have to share a story.

Purpose of Narrative Essay

Let's first start with knowing the purpose of a narrative essay. It is a specific story, incident, or experience about oneself or someone else, written to entertain the readers. It can either be real or imaginary.


To start with the explanation, let's talk about the structure of a narrative essay first. Following the structure, we will move on to the narrative essay outline. The setup, problem, and climax are separated in different paragraphs and appear in the narrative essay. The structure consists of three sections-

Setup (Introduction)

The setup serves a crucial role in a narrative. It introduces the readers to the characters and the setting of the story. The setting means where and when the story is happening. This part needs to be very clear because you want the readers to get hooked. If they like the introduction, they are going to go further with your story.

Problem (Main Body)

It is the most exciting part of the narrative. It is where something wrong or unexpected happens to the main characters. Any type of actions, events, or activity involving the main characters is included in the body.

Climax (Conclusion)

This part is where the essay writer solves the problem or reaches some conclusion. You need to summarize the main ideas of the story. You need to tie things up and impart your message or a lesson.

Now there are some tips that I want to share:

  • Choose something unique to share. Fresh content and new ideas make readers keen to read more.
  • Always use evidence to support your story.
  • Write in the first or third person.
  • Give vivid details of the characters like appearance, specific habits or characteristics, behaviour, phobia.
  • Define properly the setting (weather, on-going activities, people around, colour, lights, views in distant)
  • Make the reader a part of the story.


Now, we will make an outline as per the structure we discussed above.

  1. 1. Introduction:

    The introduction consists of three parts:

    1. Hook
    2. Thesis Statement
    3. Importance of the topic (a brief description)
    4. Objective
  2. 2. Body:

    Make sure you include the following points while outlining the body of a narrative essay:

    1. A setting or background of the topic
    2. Description of all the key people involved in the narration.
    3. Description of events
    4. Description of places
    5. The inception of events
    6. Impression of foreshadowing
    7. Climax
    8. Resolution
  3. 3. Conclusion:

    The conclusion of a narrative essay includes:

    1. Moral of the story
    2. Significance or relevance of the event or story to the readers or intended audience
    3. A call to action

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