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An essay can be written in many forms including narrative and descriptive. A narrative essay is written in the form of storytelling. The other form of essay is used to describe a person's place or a thing. The description of a person or place should affect all the senses of the audience. Additionally, the essay writer must consider the groups of people who will be interested in the description. The writer can use the name of the personality in the main heading or leave that till the end of the first paragraph. The header in this case should be a catchy statement, grabbing the attention of the audience.

In the following lines, we will show how to describe a personality through an essay.


Like any other essay, you will start with a general description of the personality. This will include the time in which the personality was born and what was the situation of the surroundings. This introduction phase will conclude with a thesis statement that will summarise the achievements of the personality. These achievements will be discussed in greater detail in other parts of the essay. An example can be provided when you write a descriptive essay about Napoleon. In the first section, a brief life story of the personality will be provided.


In this part, the senses of the audience will be involved in the writing. The writer must show the picture of personality rather than telling them things to them. This difference will keep the audience interested because he will be exploring the personality step by step. The sight will be involved when the writer is showing the birthplace of the personality. You should be able to produce such content that forces the audience to read through the whole essay. With respect to the previous example, the writer will write about the specific characteristics of Napoleon in different paragraphs.

This section will be written in chronological order according to the life-events of the personality. This order may allow the writer to break the thesis statement into different parts. A good essay writer will be able to indulge the different audiences through this technique because people of different ages will be interested in the way the subject affected their respective age groups.

The body of the essay is generally divided into two or three paragraphs each explaining a distinct characteristic of the personality under consideration. Descriptive essay examples are also provided for Nelson Mandela. There are many forms of thesis statements that can be made related to his personality based on his life and achievements. Both the examples provided will go well with the thesis statement provided.

To prove this point, this section should come up with at least three examples to illustrate this point. Every paragraph will start with a sentence referring to the thesis statement. The second part will elaborate on how did the lives of people change and the last part of all paragraphs will provide a connecting statement to the next paragraph.


The conclusion section will also start by referring to the thesis statement. Since this essay is related to a specific personality, it will be left to the audience whether they think that the thesis statement is proven or not. The writer should take an affirmative stance about his statement and should prove with the help of examples in the body section that the person did change the lives of a large number of people.

The writer may add the name of some books related to the person in this section which is in line with the stance taken by the author. This will authenticate the points mentioned by the writer in the essay. Some relevant dates can also be mentioned in this section. The impact of the person on the present generation and people will also provide suitable information for this section. Lastly, it’s a good idea to get your descriptive essay proofread by a professional essay writing service to help you sort out any errors or mistakes before your final submission.

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