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A debate is an organized argument or contest of ideas in which the participants discuss a topic from two opposing sides that can be in favor of or against the notion. The debaters will use examples and evidence to support their ideas while working towards a conclusion. The aim of a debate is to convince the opposition that you are right with the clever use of words mixed with facts and figures.

Tips for Debate Writing for Grade 10 Students

To help you take away the guesswork, you can write a debate in five easy steps. An essay writer also follows these steps to bring clarity and coherence in their write-ups. By following this method you’re giving yourself the best possible chance at coming out on top.

  1. 1. Create Strong Opening Lines

    Every good debate starts with a strong opening line. If you're dealing with something emotionally charged, as debate topics tend to be, then starting with a similarly emotional opener is the best way to go. For example, if you were arguing for your country to take in more refugees than an opening line might be something like:

    "Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be forced to leave your home? To be so scared of violence or other persecution that you and your family have to leave behind everything you've ever known and traveled to a new country?"

    Don't get caught up in the idea that facts are completely separate from emotions, either.

  2. 2. Defining a topic for your debate

    After your opening, you need to make the subject that you're talking about crystal-clear to your listeners. To do this, state your topic and your team's position on the topic. For example, "Today we're here to discuss (name of the topic)”. Need more topics? Consult an essay writing service now.

  3. 3. Using the practice of Signposting

    Signposting means that you have to say the obvious points in order to make your points clear. Signposting may seem annoying and unnecessary. If you're a word-enthusiast it can even seem like it's disrupting the flow of your smooth and lyrical speech. However, it's completely and totally necessary in the structure of a good debate.

  4. 4. Forming Arguments

    This is perhaps the most visible part of a debate at any level. Always decide what you want to argue. You may also use the arguments that you may remember during your turn to speak on the stage. Inserting the right evidence into your debate writing that would make your speech’s content more credible, but using the wrong kind of evidence from the wrong kind of sources leaves you vulnerable to attack by the opposition.

  5. 5. Conclusion

    For writing a debate, this rule is no different. Fortunately, aside from being one of the most important bits of your speech, writing a conclusion for debate is also the easiest part. All you really have to do is sum up the arguments that you've made. Need help with your conclusion, ask others to write my essay for me.

Sample of a Debate for Grade 10

Question of the Debate

Consumerism is increasing day by day. Luxuries of yesterday have become necessities of today. The result is that the more we want the more miserable we become.


Do you think that Consumerism is increasing day by day? We all are becoming materialistic to some extent!

I [Name], have come before you all to speak for the motion ‘The only way to minimize human suffering and pain is to control our needs’.

We use and enjoy the luxuries which have become necessities and an inseparable part of our lives. The result is we want more and more and feel miserable when we do not get all that we need.

We need to minimize this misery and pain and an effective step in this direction would be to control our needs. The struggle to accumulate materialistic things gives rise to a rat-race and cut-throat competition. This, in turn, generates tremendous physical and mental stresses which further lead to various ailments. When we have limited needs we feel satisfied and content.

Excessive desire for things is any-way considered immoral, a violation of natural or divine law. When this greed to have more than we actually need starts growing strong, we become utterly fixated on seeking what we do not actually need and try to get hold of those things that will still not help to eliminate the deep-rooted evil of not having enough. When we learn to control our needs we not only minimize our suffering and pain but are able to be at peace with ourselves and be happy and appreciate the little things that have been bestowed on us…….

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