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A debate speech is a type of specifically organized argument. It may be in the form of a friendly and formal contest between two people or groups of people. Each side may choose to either support or oppose the topic that can be an idea, a problem or issue, a fact, a public concern, etc. and so on…

Almost everyone in his/her academic and professional career remains aware of a debate speech as some may have already taken part in it and some may have observed and viewed one as an audience. Due to such prior knowledge, writing a debate speech might seem a simple task which it is not. It requires a great deal of careful and properly planned efforts to write a debate speech.

This article is going to shed light on some of the important tips and aspects that are essential to be considered while writing a debate speech. Read it thoroughly and carefully in the order and sequence it is written. In the end, an essay writer will have sound knowledge and it will become easy for you to write a debate speech.

Topic Selection & Goal Setting

Whether you’re a part of a team or you’re going to deliver a speech individually, the topic must have been assigned or chosen already. The first step you have to do is to completely understand the topic and its requirements. Hence, you have to set a target that you have to achieve in the end after the speech. For instance, you must support a side of the topic – whether positive or negative. So you have to decide and prepare your mindset accordingly.

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Research to find the required Information

Now that you are clear about the topic and its requirements it is time to perform your research work to find out powerful evidence and resources to support your claim. You may find out immeasurable information on your debate speech while researching but you must consider only relatively important and highly critical points. You have to be careful in selecting the right information and powerful points given you have to prove your claim for or against the topic before another debater and the jury. If you are still unsure about your researching skills, you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Rough Draft and Arrangement of the Information

Make a rough draft first and take a brief look over it to point out the highly compelling and critical information from it. Gather the highly valuable and considerable points and arrange them in a proper sequence. A suggested sequence may be arranging the points in an order of writing strong points at first, stronger points at second, and the strongest points at last.

Outlining and Writing your Debate Speech

After you have done all of these steps, you have ample knowledge and required information on your topic. It is time to begin writing your speech. For this purpose, you must first craft a well-structured outline that will help you to write an organized speech. After outlining is done, go ahead and write your speech considering that it may not be longer than 5-7 minutes while delivering. And it should also be kept in mind that the debate may not be a lengthy discussion only but it should be a strong and positive argument proving your claim supported by the relevant facts and information. Conclude your speech with a summary of your points and highlight the strongest points and prove your claim. If you still want help with your outline, get professional assistance from a write my paper service.

Review, Rectify, and Practice

After the speech is written, take a pause or break for some time. Then, come back again and take a close and careful review of the speech. Find out errors, correct them, and rectify your speech to make it a refined and purified one. After this, try to practice it to check if it is falling under the specified limit of time and that you can deliver it confidently or not. Make changes wherever you feel the changes are required.

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